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So, it's practically been 5 months I guess, since I posted a movie review! And I feel so terribly damned by that! I have been seeing movies lately, but not entirely in the mood before to blog about them. But I am gonna blog about them. Soon. Pending reviews. I feel like I have a death toll. 

I have been itching to write a review for some time now (though I did say I was not in the mood. Sorry. A certain self-proclaimed disorder playing about). But I am a true masochist and I like to make it hard on myself to have so much other content and pages on my blog to update that I sort of forgot that this even existed. OH YES! THE SHAME!  But I am making it up to you now!!!

I have promised to do a Catching Fire movie review, but since I just recently got the necessary materials for that, then I'd leave that pending even if you all know what I will be talking about -_-

Okay, no more rants! Time for the review! Here we go! I PROMISE YOU! IT WILL BE FLUFFY!

Photo Credits to Disney Wikia

Frozen, produced by Disney, is a story of two sisters Anna and Elsa who are both princesses of the quaint country, Arendelle. Elsa, who is the eldest, can use ice sorcery. She amuses Anna with it but an accident causes Anna to lose her memories of Elsa's powers and for Elsa to keep her powers secret from Anna. This also causes a rift in their relationship. This also causes the King and Queen to hide this fact from their subjects, thus closing the palace gates and keeping the children isolated.

The years passed, and after a tragic voyage to the sea, the king and queen die, which leaves both the princesses orphaned. This in the end, causes Elsa to become queen of the land of Arendelle.

During the coronation, everything seems to be fine. Anna is happy about being able to meet the people from outside the palace gates and meeting true love in the form of Prince Hans. He proposes marriage to her that very day. Elsa who find out about it, is infuriated but walks out telling Anna she could not get married, scared to reveal her powers but Anna disapproves and confronts her. At rage, Elsa unintentionally reveals her magic! Afraid she'll hurt anyone, she runs off but leaves the whole kingdom in a curse of eternal winter. 

Photo Credit to Movie Wallpaper

Anna, with the help of  ice trader and mountain man, Kristoff and his trusty sidekick reindeer, Sven and a magical snowman named OLAF, they search for Elsa in the wicked angst of the winter storm, to stop her by all means, bring her back to Arendelle, and most importantly, bring back summer!

Photo Credits to Rope of Silicon

I don't want to spoil the story for you guys by giving you some sort of introduction already. HAHAHA! But I will tell you this: THE STORY IS ADORABLE, RIVETING AND ALL IN ALL, WONDERFULLY CRAFTED! You got to hand it to DISNEY! They did it again, and put on a plot twist to an original, and almost redundant concept of TRUE LOVE! HAHA! And this plot twist my friends, would make you so much more appreciative of relationships I tell you!

The visuals of the film are fantastic, reminiscent of TANGLED (another Disney film) which uses CGI and hand-drawn animation! The mix of pastel and vibrant colors to contrast the gloomy mood of winter offsets and brings life to the characters! Each character is given enough attention to detail and their personalities, shine through each scene, giving you a taste of what to look forward to next! 

THE MOVIE, as always with Disney, IS A WONDERFUL MUSICAL! I love it to pieces! From the beginning up until the end you'd be given sentimental walkthrough-icey-capped-mountains sort of musical numbers or a skippidy, joyous single of a funny snowman looking forward to summer and getting a tan! HAHA!

Listen to some of them here:

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? by Kristen Bell (ANNA)

Let It Go by Idina Menzel (ELSA)

In Summer by Josh Gad (OLAF)

Idina Menzel of Broadway's WICKED and Jonathan Groff of Spring Awakening which is another broadway musical, joins the cast as Elsa and Kristoff, respectively! They have such lovely voices! And Idina Menzel's powerful range baffles me like it's meant to be from another dimension! And Jonathan is my favorite! Especially in Glee, which both of them are in! Can you believe that? BONKERS!

And then there's Kristen Bell, whom I did not know sung at all or did theater, but her voice is marvelous in this film, both speaking and singing! She made Anna so adorable! 

From top left counterclockwise: Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Josh Gad (Olaf)
Producer and Director of the film: Peter Del Vechio and Jennifer Lee
Photo Credits to Buzz Sugar

Finally, my all time favorite character in the movie, OLAF the magical snowman who dreams of summer, not knowing that he'd melt! I want to take Olaf home with me, give him the warmest hugs and keep him fuzzy and fluffy! UGH! TOO CUTE TO BEAR! And I must say, JOSH GAD! YOU ARE THE MAN! YOU BROUGHT SO MUCH LIFE TO OLAF!!! I ADORE YOU ALREADY! 

Photo Credits to Frozen Movie Trailer

There's this thing with Disney that I couldn't quite wrap my head around. How do they make their characters so ADULT-FRIENDLY like we want those plush toys too? I mean, kids would want an OLAF SNOWMAN PLUSH for sure, but me? OH I'd take it any day!  And notice Pascal from Tangled and Ray from The Princess and The Frog! They are all soooo lovable! They always find a way to touch and tickle our hearts!

Watch FROZEN MISFITS! It's a definite feel good movie! 

OH! This is the part of the blog where I can share a bit of my sentiments about the ending. Would I change anything about it?


1.  I wish there was a wedding! But maybe Disney got sick of it! OH YEAH! PLOT TWIST! *wink wink*
But I would've loved an ending! Kristoff sorta deserves it! HAHAHA! They are such a cute couple together!!!

Photo Credits to  Collider

2. And this is what frustrates me, though at some point there's not really a total need but I hope they explained how Elsa got those powers? Maybe in the ending or in between the movie? If they did it at the end, they could make it look like Elsa's haunted by her powers again, and they would make a Frozen 2 movie and JACK FROST WOULD BE THERE AND THEY WOULD MAKE BABIES! I'm serious though! And also, I get to see OLAF AGAIN! WOOT WOOT!

Photo Credits to Lydia The Hobo of DevianArt

I just love doing alternate endings! It gives me such a high! HAHA! Anyway, that's it for the review! I really hope you loved it and also loooooved the movie! Leave me a tweet on Twitter or a comment here on my blog! Look forward to more movie reviews! I'll update sooner, I promise!


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