Thursday, January 16, 2014

MUSIC POD: January Playlist, TOP 5

WELCOME TO MY MUSIC POD PAGE!!! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR (though it's been days since that).

This post includes my current favorites for the month of January, but it could also change in the course of time. This may also include old songs that I feel like listening to during the month... Let's get started...

1. NATIVE by OneRepublic (ALBUM)

Mix gospel music, country and most likely, every kind of genre and make an amazing record out of it, you have to be kind of crazy but OneRepublic seems to have pulled it off with their album NATIVE which features songs of living life to the fullest, regrets that you have to forget and the things that we are all taking for granted. Ryan Tedder and his team truly made a wham of an album and I suggest you hear all their songs.  I honestly love I Lived and Something I Need which I have to make my friends listen to.

Here are clips of the songs to listen to so you have an idea about the other tracks:


Guys, if a girl starts singing you this song, even if she's tone deaf, then appreciate her because the lyrics of this Katy Perry song is wicked mad!!! If she sings this to you, she understands you and feels you and loves you for who you are.
Katy Perry brings about a stunning vocal in this song, UNCONDITIONALLY and allows its listener to understand that love is something that you give out with no exchanges whatsover and that to truly love, you must be able to open up your heart.

The music video is a must watch coz Katy Perry is soooo stunning and fantasy-esque regal!!! :')

Listen to a clip from the song here:


I fell in love with this song, literally after hearing it once. NOTE: Whenever listening to the songs, appreciate the lyrics, coz there's always value in them. This song, DEAD SEA, offers its listeners the feeling of uplifting and the value of trust among people in relationships, may it be friendship or love.

Listen to the whole song here. Credits to Ohaiheren's SoundCloud


There are only a few dance songs in this world that totally make me headbang my head like Hayley Williams in the video! And amazingly, Zedd has proven himself to me yet again with STAY THE NIGHT. The music gives me chills and the lyrics is incredible. For something so dance-y, you end up more focused on the lyrics rather than just the beat, coz you expect that more with DJ's.. Or maybe that's just my opinion. Hayley is such a wonderful feature to this song as well. She brought it to life!

Listen to the full song here! Credits to Hamilton Saavedra's SoundCloud


A sad song always gets me tearing up. But this song got me to bawl out after listening to it once and I shared it with my friends and they ended up saying I'm weird and a masochist... Erm... HAHAHA!
But the song screams of love but done in a subtle almost hurtful manner. And I appreciate A Great Big World for stepping up their game with SAY SOMETHING and starting to make themselves a household name! I'm really proud! I'll forever be a fan! Can't wait for their next single...

So here is the song! Love it! Live it! Credits to Mollie Walker's SoundCloud

So that's it for the first half of January's playlist! I apologize if I haven't blogged for a while, but I do have some fab content that I'll be sharing with you for 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR, though it's quite late, again! BUT HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR THOUGH! :D

Add these songs up to your playlist and buzz me up on Twitter or here on my blog if you've cried buckets!
Have an awesome 2014 MISFITS!!! MWAAAH!

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