Friday, April 11, 2014

When Bored I, Buzzfeed

I think that I have been bored for a while and completely forgot that I actually have a When Bored I, segment thing on my blog and it is actually one of my favorites and I'm so glad that I am bored enough to post one of the things I do when I'm bored.

Getting the dish out on latest news and topics with some sort of twist has been something I've completely fell in love with with going on Buzzfeed! And when there is nothing to do, and you've zapped out the life on other things, going on Buzzfeed has definitely shown it's way of bringing me joys that make my day complete!

It first started with food porn. I was browsing the web for new ways on how cookies are made when I stumbled on the link accidentally, clicked it and my life changed! I'm obsessed with it now!

There is something fulfilling to the soul when you end up reading random stuff like 36 WAYS ON HOW TO DRESS YOUR CAT or 11 WAYS TO KNOW YOUR BOYFRIEND LIKES BOOKS or something like that. It makes me laugh and has proved to be one of my personal highs. You just can't help it. Not only are they entertaining, but the posts in there, show to be very informative too. For example, there is Buzzfeed Books. I get updated on new releases or the different genres I need to tackle in my reading.

So go and crack yourself up or learn a few stuff you've never thought was possible by going on and have fun BUZZFEEDING

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