Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Playlist, TOP 3 (DIVERGENT OST)

This post includes my current favorites for the month of April, but it could also change in the course of time. This may also include old songs that I feel like listening to during the month...

Anyway, this music pod is special because I will be featuring 3 songs I completely adored in the new Divergent Original Soundtrack!!! Let's get started!

And I do apologize for not being able to post one during March.. again, douchebag right here.

1.) MY BLOOD by Ellie Goulding (SONG)

I first got to listen to this song through Ellie's album Halcyon and fell in love with it almost instantly because the lyrics were drawing you in and Ellie's cold but sweet voice trances you to liaten to the song, over and over again! 

And when I found out that it was going to be in the Divergent soundtrack, my heart beat went up a few notches!!! I was so proud of her!

Listen to a clip here:

2.) FIND YOU by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant (SONG)

Have I not been in love with Zedd for far too long, I would've ignored this song... Or maybe not! It is sooooo good! There is the perfect mix of electronic sounds to the vocals of the two singers. Sometimes, beats can trample good lyrics, but this song proved otherwise. It gives thenlisteners the right amount of feels. Plus it is a good dance track!

But when you listen to it, while reading or watching Divergent, I think you'll be able to connect the dots.

Listen to the song here:

3.) BEATING HEART by Ellie Goulding (SONG)

They must have an Ellie Goulding obsession when they were thinking about the soundtrack because there are a few tracks in the soundtrack that has Ellie's name stamped on them and boy, they are lucky! One of the great things about this song, is it is not intoxicating, which is quintissential for Ellie Goulding songs, and you'll never get tired of listening to it because therebis perfect blend of lyrics and mysticism. I love it!

Listen to the song here:

I hope that the music pod this month, proved to have supplied my loss for the last month, and to all you DIVERGENT FANS OUT THERE, WE CANNOT BE CONTROLLED!!!

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