Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Love Letter Realized

One fine day, almost a year ago, I posted a love letter here in my blog. I was proud, of it that I shared it to the person I dedicated it to! I tweeted him about it, once, never got a reply but I'm fine with that. But last April 3, 2014, I had my love letter realized. Well, not exactly you know, but I got to meet the person whom I dedicated it to, Abed Nadir of NBC's Community. Yes, Danny Pudi himself.

So let me make a backtrack of how exactly I got the chance to meet him face to face!

I was sitting on the floor one day finishing up a few requirements and being continuously bummed out with my Dad because he didn't allow me to go to one of the book signings I wanted to go to, but never mind that. So, I was sitting there when I decided to turn on the TV for so long and scanned channels and stopped at FOX. I GUESS IT WAS DESTINY, THE UNIVERSE, THE DARKEST TIMELINE, that allowed me to spot the contest to meet Abed Nadir, Danny Pudi, as he visits the Philippines. It was 3 days before the deadline.

I didn't submit my entry as soon as I saw the contest. I think I worried more about finishing up one of my requirements that the Dean of our College had asked us to do than submitting an entry

The Walking Dead season finale happened, I went to school afterwards, submitted my requirement, went back home, realized it was March 30, 3 hours left, and I typed in my entry. I rapidly narrated my love for Abed and Community and shared with them the love letter, that had been there for so long. 2 hours before the end of the day, I checked my email, for no apparent reason, and I think I melted inside. I freaked out, ran down the stairs, collapsed for a minute in front of my parents, got yelled at and went back upstairs to RSVP my entry and to share to the whole world how lucky I am. This time, my father agreed to let me go to Manila.

The day of the event, I arrived 9:30am, an hour before my appointment at the FOX INTERNATIONAL CHANNELS Office. I walked around Bonifacio High Street, had a plate of New York Cheesecake at Starbucks since I didn't get any breakfast and contimplated how lucky I was. Fully Booked was still closed so I couldn't browse any books or just let the time pass. I was stuck with my mind scurrying for thoughts on what to say or whether I'd just stare myself out, if that's even a term.


I decided to buy donuts (kruffins actually), coz Cupacakes by Sonja wasn't open yet and I couldn't really find a place that served baked goods, so to Krispy Kreme I went and ordered a few Kruffins, heck I even got a free original glazed donut! Thanks guy at the counter, whoever you are! Lol

I stayed at the store for a while and headed to the Active Fun building even if there was only a few minutes left to spare before 10:30. I got on the elevator to the 3rd floor, and lo and behold, LE FOX INTERNATIONAL CHANNELS office! I THINK I FLIPPED!

Once I got inside, I was able to talk to ABED/COMMUNITY superfans, asked about what they did to enter and then talked about other shows! Man, I think I was the noisiest one out of all the people there coz I was already flipping out, and I talked to too many people, that energy could never suffice!


When he asked who was nervous, I think I was the only one who voiced it out and the others pointing at me. I was also fanning myself.

After the short Q&A, Danny was lead into a booth, where fans can go in one by one and have a one on one with the man himself. I was thankful for the alphbetical orders of our first names, I must say, being a "J", I had some time to think of questions to ask, but I guess mostly I was freaking myself out.

Then they called my name and Danny gave the brightest of smiles! I told him I gots swag for him, and he was soooo excited about it, he reached out for a hug, I hugged back and we were jumping up and down. Afterwards, I got to ask him a simple q.


ME: So I have a question for you, as we all know, Abed is believed to be the sanest among the study group people, but when you think about it, he really isn't. How would you explain that?

Danny: Well, he is insane on the outside, but on the inside, he is the sanest among them. They've all got their levels of insanity. I mean, Abed is insane, but if you compare him to Chang, he's on a different level.

ME: Oh gosh, right! 

My mind went blank, though I already had a question prepared, I could not remember, and I was breathing heavily

ME: Oh my god! I have one more question but I forgot about it, I'm so overwhelmed right now!

I was fanning myself again, the FOX crew and Danny laughing as I try to think of an alternative.


DANNY: YEAH, Like, how do you wanna do it?

ME: Well, I don't really have anything thought out, I was hoping you can think of it. C'mon Danny, I'm ready when you are!

Here are a few shots of our secret handshake!!! It is still a secret! <3

I was getting myself prepared, and then Danny grabbed my hand, taught me how the handshake was gonna go, and it was the best damned handshake in the whole universe, well, next to the Troy and Abed Handshake of course, but yes, it was amazing! It wouldn't be secret if I tell you about it anyway. HAHAHAHA!!!

I got to hug Danny 3 times and do the secret handshake 3 times and have one of my small notepads signed by him. We got our photos taken, and then one last hug and goodbye, and that was that. My one on one with Danny Pudi is something I will constantly bring with me till I die.

He's the sweetest guy I've ever met! 

As I was headed to the lunch booth, I tripped, almost landing my face on a chair, but I did not care, I was laughing like a madwoman! I got to talk more to the fans about their love for the show, share OTP's. Danny then for a brief moment, showed us him video chatting with his wife on FaceTime, Ir was extremely adorable! And I gave her a flying kiss! She sent one back go me! My day was truly complete. One last goodbye to Danny and to the staff at FOX and I was headed out to the elevator while the press came marching in for his interviews.

I went to Fully Booked to get my giveaway from Saab Magalona, again, which will be featured on one of my blog posts.

Saga Volume 1 from Spell Saab!

Then I headed to SM North EDSA to see Eriele because I missed her dearly. We had dinner and stopped by at Book Sale.

The day that I spent with Danny, with old and new friends, is something that I will cherish forever and always.


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