Saturday, April 19, 2014

If I Stay Trailer

Hi there Misfits and fellow booknerds, as we all know, Gayle Forman's New York Times Bestselling novel, If I Stay has been adapted into a movie. 

And check out the first trailer for the film:

What I'm looking forward to this film is of course the acting by one of my most favorite actresses, Chloe Grace Moretz! I've seen her in (500) Days of Summer, Let Me. In, and of course Kick Ass. I've always marveled in her impeccable acting skills! I think I see her more as a headstrong, "kicking-ass" kind of girl but we see her as the vulnerable teenager Mia, who goes through a near death experience; her soul and consciousness out of her body, as he relinquishes the past, and sees the present, while her limp body lies in a hospital bed.

Jamie Blackley is someone I look forward to loving! I mean rocking out on vocals and guitar as Adam? Okay, I die. Not only that, you know he's an adorable, sweet, young man under that scruffiness. More projects for him, YAAAAAY!

Then there's the music. I've been a fan of rock music since 5 years old... Okay, that's my dad's fault. Then there's the play on classical music since Mia plays the cello and all. Put those two together in one film, I'm exploding.

Anyway, if you have a few more tissues left from the TFIOS movie, then please, use them wisely, or crazily... Just bring a lot of tissues, okay? Okay... 

Make sure to catch If I Stay as it hits theaters on the US on August 22 and September 3rd on the Philippines this year! Filipino Booknerds, stay tuned for a surprise! Yaaaay! BUT MAKE SURE YOU READ THE BOOK FIRST OKAY?! #1 rule babes.

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