Friday, April 18, 2014

ALL #TFIOSMovie, Well For Now That Is

This isn't much of a sneak peek anymore, isn't it? The purpose of this has been diminished to the purpose of just posting it, but I can't help it. I'm a fangirl!  Now I know basically all of you has seen everything of The Fault In Our Stars as it is set yo hit theaters this June but I would still love to bring you as much feels possible.


The Trailer:
You probably ain't human if you didn't cry at least one tear for the trailer. What I love about is is how true to the book the producers and the writers, Scott Neustader and Michael H. Weber, had made it. Though we may end up with a few differences from the book of course, I still believe that from the trailer, the movie will be as promising as the book.

The soundtrack:

Nuff said.

Nah, the soudtrack is absolutely perfect! I mean, I know the fans really love the idea of having Ed Sheeran in the mix, and look what we got people! Then Birdy is also part of the pack, with 2 songs in the roster. I got the chance to listen to the song and my oh my, your feels will explode, I swear!

Watch the official lyric video to Birdy's Not About Angels

Charli XCX is also featured in the soundtrack with her infectiously upbeat song Boom Clap! I loved imagining this song playing while Hazel, Gus and Isaac egged Monica's car! HAHAHA!

Click here to listen to Charli XCX's Boom Clap

The Metaphor: 
And this clip, shown at the MTV MOVIE AWARDS, got me so giddy and so happy that I think that I want to hold a cigarette over my mouth and metaphorically smoke one! HAHA! We can all be ax murderer's like Gus.

Watch the video! It's quite funny

The Poster:
There are ways in which a movie can stand out and one of them is from a good movie poster. For those who have no interest in reading the book, but probably seen the poster, they might've considered watching the movie, or even reading the book. The poster shows such loving and the contentment of Hazel and Gus in each other's arms. It is perfect. I want it in my room.


The Movie Tie-In Book
Now for all us booknerds, I think that having a copy of John Green's The Fault In our Stars in our shelves is a big yes! Please, others, get one. And if you love the movie poster so much, then get yourself a copy of The Fault In Our Stars, The Movie Tie-In version, which may have photos from the movie, or there is probably a difference in the content, but it will still be a good read for sure, if you buy it. I might buy it. Hahaha!

Anyways, I do believe that reading the book is extremely important. My copy says HI!

Thank you so much Misfits and Booknerds for bearing with my crazy! Thank you! Leave a comment below and have fun watching #TFIOS! JOHN IS LOOKING AT YOU! AND #DFTBA always!

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