Thursday, June 12, 2014

LIFE OF A BLOGGER: Collections

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HELLO THERE EVERYONE! My name is Jenivieve and this week, I'll be sharing with you my "COLLECTIONS"

I don't think I really have a decent collection of sorts besides my old collection of receipts which got lost because they were all in my wallet and I lost it. YIKES! What a shame. Anyway, the only collection I can find that's my own are these...

So this is my mock bookshelf. As you may have already known, this is an old study table which I converted into my own bookshelf which contains a collection of old and new books that I have bought, borrowed and received. It is still a small collection compared to others, but I am saving up for some really good titles to add here.

Bookmarks! Now I have received these from the mail and also at events that I went to! So many fandoms give nice bookmarks that are perfect to squeeze in your books.. I actually received a business card from Nicole of The Twins Read, but it would definitely make an awesome bookmark! 
I would like to thank Eriele, Neil, Godwin, Kai, Joana, Celine and Sarah for these wonderful lil' things.

These are journals from just last year. Well, the owl one is new for this school year. Victoria's Journals FTW! I didn't really notice that I had journals all over the house and that all of these already have writings on them and little notes. The spring wrapped ones are more like notebooks but I do consider them journals. I don't really write school stuff in these. I dunno, I just bring it to school and end up writing other things like short stories or random little thoughts. My current favorite is my black moleskin journal because it has lots of paper in it still and is handy and just totally perfect! Soon enough, I'll be buying a few more this year if I find nice designs.

This is actually my Dad's stash/collection of CD's and DVD's which I have all heard or watched. I really love my Dad's CD collection because I grew up with the sounds of The Beatles, Bee Gees, The Eagles. This is just half of his collection since there are some downstairs. And since this is hiding in my room, I kinda claim it as my own collection. TBH,  there are a few CD's there that I picked up mahself. My dad also has a huge stack of tape collections, but I shouldn't meddle with that now.

I actually eyed this CD case thing to be my next book case, but we'll see :)

Anyway, that I think guys, is all of it. I guess the fandom merch will happen when I start earning and stuff coz books and college + merch don't really go well together, so. But I will definitely have you check out my new collection when that happens.

See you all next week! 

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