Thursday, June 26, 2014

LIFE OF A BLOGGER: Favorite Sports Teams

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Why hello there everyone! My name is Jenivieve and this week, we are gonna be talking about my favorire SPORTS TEAMS! If you've noticed, I posted 2 topics today since I wasn't able to post an old one, but I decided to post it earlier...But this is the main post!

So, if you have not known, I am a huge sports fan! Like, I would scream at the telly when I watch a game and I go bananas if they scored or done something incredibly amazeballs! Here are some of my favorite sports teams!

1. SOCCER: Argentina, Netherlands, Greece (FIFA 2014)

If you've already known, FIFA 2014 is happening and oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm tuned in to it like glue to a piece of paper. I try to watch early morning since TIMEZONES! If I can't comply to my watching routine, I keep tabs on Google, since GOOGLE LOOOOVES FIFA! Anyway, Argentina is one of my all time favorite teams in FIFA, coz MESSI! He's such a soccer superstar! Netherlands and Greece are also my front runners! BUT UGH! Too hard to choose! I'm even rootin' for MEXICO! Anyway, watch FIFA, okay? Okay.

2. BASEBALL: San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox

My dad and I could sit all day watching batters swing it to a homerun or slide to a mound just to win a game and yeah, BASEBALL IS A DAY MAKER! Especially if it's the WORLD SERIES! Like, screaming and hustle of the hands! Yeah.. We huge baseball fans here at home. And the San Francisco Giants are our utmost fave because it has such a huge variation of members. And the Yankees are no doubt there at the top, so we always look forward to watching them and the Red Sox, dear sweet cheese! All in all, baseball counts in family time!

3. BASKETBALL: Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets

I have been a huge basketball fan for all I can remember. I used to shout at the TV and wake up people on the street whenever a team scored! My dad would sometimes shout at me for doing so, although he's basically the reason why we're all addicted to basketball! I guess, he's the silent type of cheerer! Anyway, the Miami Heat are really out there with strength, San Antonio Spurs with their spunk and also their wide array of experience and Houston Rockets with their amazing sense of strategy! Just! Basketball! YEAH!

I may not seem sporty, but really, I am... in mah mind! LOL! Well, I hope that we share the same favorites! Leave comments below so I'd know! Thanks!

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