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The Misfit Interviews with Marissa Meyer

I never thought this day would come when I can interview one of my favorite authors, Marissa Meyer, author of The Lunar Chronicles. It was a May evening when I asked her if she was willing to do an interview with me and said YES!!! I felt like I won the lottery, I threw a fit at my Aunt's house! Anyway, here is my interview with her! Enjoy!


1. What made you write the Lunar Chronicles? Was it a certain fascination towards princesses or something more than that? 

I've always loved and been fascinated with fairy tales and have read a billion retellings. I'd wanted to write a retelling for a long time, but with so many of them out on the market, I knew that I wouldn't write one unless I had an idea that felt truly original - I didn't want readers to think, "Oh, it's just another Cinderella story." 

Then in 2008 I entered a writing contest in which the host had listed ten random prompts and writers had to choose two of them to include in their stories. My two prompts: set it in the future and include a fairy-tale character. My contest entry was a sci-fi version of Puss in Boots and I had so much fun writing it. I thought: this is it! Fairy tales and science fiction! I couldn't find that anyone had done that before and I loved the concept, so I knew I had to pursue it.

2. Cinder is such an amazing character! How would you say her character has evolved in the other novels after the first one?

Thank you! I love writing Cinder. Her dry humor is a lot of fun for me, and I love to write characters that I admire and respect. Cinder is so smart and resourceful, and it's a neat challenge in a writer to keep putting her in tough situations and see how she gets out of them.

When I was writing Cinder, I was very aware that this was a character who was going to have a long journey ahead of her - four whole books allows a lot of time for a character to change and grow! So I intentionally gave her flaws and weaknesses, doubt and isnecurities, along with unknown things that she would have to discover about herself and her past and her abilities. I wanted her to have a lot of growth throughout the series, and I wanted it to feel very natural for the things she was going through. And sometimes changes aren't necessarily for the good, too! On one hand, she's
gained a lot of confidence over the course of the books. On the other hand, she's uncovered a lot of her darker sides, as well. I think the Cinder in Book Four is going to be a very different person from where she started, but I also hope that she's still the witty, loyal, confident tomboy readers loved in Book One. 

3. Who is your favorite character from the series and who would be the least? Please elaborate.

I can't choose favorites - I love them all! But I probably relate the most to Cress, who is the dreamer of the bunch, and she's shy and a little socially awkward. She's more comfortable living in her own dream world than in a group setting, and I think most writers can relate to that a lot. She also is optimistic and always tries to think the best of people - almost to a fault. I think I do this too!

As for my least favorite - huh. I don't think there's anyone I dislike, even my villainous characters have something in them that I can relate to (including Adri and Levana!), so it makes it difficult to hate them. But probably the character that creeps me out the most is Thaumaturge Aimery Park. Readers will see a lot more of him in Book Four, and a lot of his scenes were really difficult to write. 

4. Would you like to give bits and pieces of what's gonna happen with Cinder and Kai's relationship? Please? *begs*

LOL - nice try! I can tell you that their trials and tribulations aren't over yet, and that they each have some moments in Winter that I'm really proud of. 

5. Finally, what should we look forward to in the continuing novel, Winter, that'll be released in 2015? I'm too excited! I'm sorry!

Winter is the series finale, and I've tried to make it the biggest and best book yet! There is a lot of action and a lot of romance, along with some big reveals. It's also really, really long, lol. I sincerely hope that readers will love it!



Thank you to Marissa for her kindness and her awesomeness. To be honest, I can't thank her enough. 
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