Thursday, June 5, 2014

LIFE OF A BLOGGER: Embarrassing Things

Life Of A Blogger is hosted by Jessi from Novel Heartbeat where we let people know more about our lives outside of blogging so they can get to know us better!

Hi there internet/blogging world. My name is Jenivieve and today I'm going to talk about things that make me super embarrassed... HERE WE GOOOO!

1. Grammatical Errors- I'm sorry but I am a huge grammar nazi even if I don't want to admit it. I get teased about it sometimes, maybe because I'm blowing off their steam, but I'm sorry for being an ass. Anyway, I'm saying that I actually have times when I make grammatical errors and I hate myself for it, especially when it's too late to change anything... That's totes embarrassing!

2. Talking to a guy I like and messing it up- Yeah... Not really good with this. Not only coz I've never had a boyfriend, I just well, I have a small reluctance to talk to men sometimes. But when I do find a guy I like, I just can't seem to say anything cool.. Just nice things and I don't even know if it's sufficient to get his attention. From the current state of my relationship, I'd say that I have always failed on the attention getting-thing.

3. Clumsy Jayvee- I hate admitting it, but I fail at life, especially things that require any sort of physicality. It's not like I'm weak and stuff, I am just really, really clumsy and in public places too, take note. I just... I hate myself sometimes.

4. Slooooow- People always say that I'm a really smart gal, knows a lot of things but when it comes to the simplest of things, I can't seem to grasp anything. This is where I feel like I'm a total idiot and that I shouldn't say anything in the first place or be there to actually ask questions. I go red all over.

5. Snorting- I snort when I laugh... Not all the time, sometimes. But the thing is, I can never tell when it's gonna attack. It could be at a party or when I'm alone in my room watching 5SOS keeks. I try to accept the fact sometimes, but when some of my family members give me the death glare, I just shrink like a mushroom. 

Yeah, I am a person who's a fail at life... Anyway, thank you for reading this. If you can relate, leave a comment below! Thank you! :) 

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