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Hi there Misfit booknerds! As you all know, I suck at keeping up with tags. I think the last one I did was a couple of months ago, and since then, I had a few others that have been tagged to me but I'm just an ass for not remembering what they were. Of course, this also happened during the time that I wasn't blogging. And then my good friend, Salve of Cuckoo For Books (who I must now call Lady Salve because it's mandatory. Hi, my lady *winks*) kind of decided that I should do a R.I.P It or Ship It Book Tag. And with a bit of hesitation, I kinda said yes. 

So, how does it work? Here are the rules:

1. You make a list of book characters, male and female, and then print them out, cut 'em, fold them so that the text is hidden then place them in a bowl, a cup, mug, jar or the floor and you mix them together. Here's a photo of me with proof:

Let's all forgive my attempt at winking and looking adorable. HAHA!

2. Afterwards, you grab two pieces, of course at random, then open both up and see who the characters are and you either R.I.P it or Ship it, depending on their personalities, or their physical appearance, emotional state, or you just plainly think they'll work because heck. HAHA! But it's quite important to point out why you think they are better thrown in the pits of Tartarus or if they are a swoon-worthy couple, even when they are completely from different worlds. ALSO, this tag isn't gender sensitive, so we can have some boys love. *winks*

Okay? Got that? Great. Also, there might be some fan cast photos, which I might like for the characters and stuff, please don't kill me. In any case, I'll just use the book covers.

First pair: Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments & Jacob Portman from Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children
  • I'm sorry. I just can't stop laughing at this. Seriously, I wish you can see me right now. Maybe coz I've always seen Clary as Lily Collins lately and Jacob has been cast as Asa Butterfield, I'm a little cringed. I think they would be better as brother and sister. LOL! INCEST! GASP! But the two have a sense of adventure and are very caring of their friends. I just don't think Jacob can deal with Clary being a bit of a melodramatic. Even I couldn't handle her issues. Jacob is also a bit more wary and skeptical and I think he'd very much be too mindful of her flying off to somewhere on a whim without a plan. Of course, Emma's a bit like that. But I just couldn't get a taste for it.

Second pair: Maggie Sanders from The One Thing & Travis Coates from Noggin
  • Both YA contemporary babies, which doesn't seem too weird to pair up tbqh. I think I'd ship these two coz both of them are in quite the predicament. Travis had cancer and had to have an operation and ended up having a different body in the process and the only thing that is left of his old self is his head while Maggie is blind for 6 months and ends up seeing this one kid, which basically just translates that she can only see a person who is dying, but that makes her situation more whimsical. What is great about these two is that they are both very loving of their friends, Travis most especially. So when they both underwent changes and everyone changed in the process, they ended up being secluded and whatnot. The two of them can definitely relate to each other a lot. And even though Travis is a little at edge in some cases, I think Maggie, with her level headed-ness, mixed with a bit of her stubborness is a great foil to Travis. 

Third pair: Violet Markey from All The Bright Places & Gabe from A Little Something Different
  • Can I cry at how perfect this is??? OH MY GOD!!!! My sweet children!!! I just love that these two ended up being paired. Of course, it would've been fate if Violet ended up with Finch in this tag, but Gabe is second best choice, I swear to the heavens above. Gabe is such a sweetheart and Violet is a sweet girl with traumatic experiences and I think Gabe's natural poetic/expressionist self can save Violet from her pain. OMG! Hear me cry!!! And even though Gabe has a hearing problem, I'm sure he'd still be there for Violet, because he's that kind of person and would totally be there when she has problems. I just love Gabe so much, I'm sorry. Violet is also the understanding type and she also loves to express herself through writing. SPEAKING OF WHICH, BOTH OF THEM ARE WRITERS. KILL ME NOW THIS IS PERFECT.

Fourth pair: Lisbeth Salander from The Millenium Trilogy & Paul Markov from the Firebird Trilogy
  • I'm a little skeptical about these two being together. I mean, they'd both be complete badasses. One is a genius hacker and the other is a scientist and there's time travel and libel cases they'll solve, it's almost perfect. Both of them are completely broken though. I mean, Lis had to go through a ton of crap growing up and Paul, though living with the Caine's had his own issues. Both have this mysterious air to them, that they keep lots and lots of secrets, of course we know some of them by now. But I don't think Paul would like how Lisbeth lives her life at all. I think he wouldn't want someone he loves engulfed by the same shadow he's in. But I do think Lisbeth would love Paul because he's refreshing and could possibly be her savior. So there's like a hit and miss happening here. This has left me in a dead end, somehow.
VERDICT: I just dunno. This is so hard. R.I.P. IT

Fifth pair: Lily from Dash and Lily's Book of Dares & Earl Jackson from Me and Earl and The Dying Girl
  • I'm snorting. I'm already saying it won't work coz Earl is just the kind of person who wouldn't exactly like Lily from the get-go. I already see it. He'd just see her as a shrilly little New Yorker and won't get along with her. Although, I do think that Lily would love Earl's straightforward self. They both like doing crazy stuff, especially since Earl helps Greg out with his film parodies and Lily does everything on the dare, so it's kinda pretty funny to see these two together, if ever so, right?
VERDICT: SHIP IT! (but I have a feeling it just won't sail)

Sixth pair: D'arcy Benoit from Plus One & Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • YES YES YES YES YES!!!! MAKE BABIES! TAMLIN, YOU A FAERIE, SO PLEASE GO MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!! OH MY GOD I'M SURE IT'S POSSIBLE! Sorry, I couldn't control my fangirl. It's just these two characters are insanely hot. One is a doctor and Tamlin is like the head faerie of the Spring Court and he's like radiant and so is D'Arcy, since he's a Ray. Both of them are complete romantics, so I'm sure they'll fall in love with each other immediately. Both of them are protective too and both are mysterious and AHHHHHH!!! I made myself screech!

Seventh pair: Ellie O'Neill from This Is What Happy Looks Like & Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments
  • I think this is a pairing that I'd ship just because it's definitely shippable, but I don't have intense feelings about it, like there's really no need for it. Ellie and Simon are both very loving people and are pretty cool. I'm sure Ellie would love that Simon is quite the geek and Simon would be all, "Ahhh, Ellie's pretty cool." Of course, Ellie would find out that Simon is a vampire and I dunno what will happen then. But she handled a celebrity. HAHAHA!

Eight pair: Warner from The Shatter Me trilogy & Graham Larkin from This Is What Happy Looks Like
  • They are both beautiful masterpieces from heaven. But I just don't think Warner would like that Graham is a celebrity? Even if he has this really sensitive side to him, I dunno. Maybe Graham can get some acting advise from Warner, I mean, ask what it's like being mean and stuff. But I just don't see the two of them actually being all lovey-dovey

Ninth pair: Cath from Fangirl & Perry from Under The Never Sky
  • I can see it already. Perry trying to drag out Cath to go out camping and she's refusing to even go outside coz she's working on her Simon Snow fan fiction. Cath is nervous and decides to have an Emergency Dance party, but Perry is too much of a man's man to dance. I feel like I'm gonna cringe a bit seeing him do an emergency dance party. But it'll definitely be interesting if this two became an unlikely couple. But I just don't see it happening. What I do see happening is Cath making a fan fiction with Perry in it. LOL

Tenth pair: Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses & A from Every Day

  • Both of them are completely precious and have been put into a predicament they don't like. Well maybe except Feyre coz who doesn't love hot faeries? Pls. But I just don't see Feyre understanding A's situation, waking up in another body. I mean, faeries and the masks are already a lot for Feyre to take in, so I don't think she'd be that interested in A.

WOW! That was super fun!!! I have plenty more names that I wish I could've drawn. Maybe I'll do a part two of this coz it was seriously amusing! I also found that YA contemporary characters might just be meant for each other, but who knows, maybe next time, right? Thanks for reading this! Leave a comment below, and tell me which of these pairs you agree with or disagree with, R.I.P. It and Ship It too!!! See you next time!

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