Thursday, December 31, 2015

Photo Journal: Out and About + Unexpected XMAS Hiatus (December)

I love taking photos. Ever since I was a kid, photos have been treasured memories that I gazed on in old photo albums we had stacked in the basement. It'd be the reason why I'd even go into such a dingy place in our house but it felt like a magical place to be in since the photos told me stories of the old and even those of my own when I was younger.

Of course with the digital age, it's completely different to how it has been. Photos, rather than stuck in photo albums, are uploaded to sites such as Facebook and Instagram, to keep memories digitally preserved. Though the method is different, getting to look at photos old and new still stirs up really good feelings.

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In translation: "Because UST lost, I WILL EAT!!!!" I was frustrated when my favorite UAAP basketball team lost in the championships. I just needed to stuff myself.

I really value family time and it was the first time since my grandparents came back to the Philippines that I got to hang out with them and have some really good food!!!

Because of my reading slump, I didn't get to focus on my old requested e-ARCs. So when I tried to pull myself out of it, the first one I chose was Fans of The Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa and it's really, really good!

I swear everything on my Instagram this December includes tons and tons of food, particularly sweets. I do not see a good ending in my diet.

So partly the reason why I've been inactive for the last 2 weeks is because of my trip to my Mom's hometown and I couldn't charge my phone because it broke and then there's no stable internet connection in which I could update my Instagram feed. Sorry guys :'(

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Because of the lack of internet service, I only got to share that my sister got married. I know, I know. I barely look like her but I swear, we are flesh and least half of it. HAHAHAHA! I'm soooooo happy for her! Soon enough, I'll be an Aunt (hopefully).

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The flowers provided for the bridesmaids are lovely! I enjoyed nitpicking each petal after though. Also, I was my sister's Maid of Honor, which was a bit tedious since my sister's wedding dress was heavy. Also, I was told I wore I really, really mean face during the wedding. I wish I could find the photos I had as a 3 year old when I was invited to weddings to be a flower girls and scowled at every single person and photographer ever........... I might never get married *knocks on wood*

The family decided to go to a Christmas Village in Panay, where tons of miniature houses and Christmas trees were decorated with lights and they were soooooo cuuuuute! However, since everyone seemed so happy, I decided to twist it up a bit by not smiling. I at least asked to be photographed three times in different houses looking like a candy deprived child.

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Can't help but loooove The Quaker Good Start drink! It's super yummy and healthy! With my 2 week food baby, I think I really need to be thinking about dieting.

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Finally, 2015 is coming to a close. I am hoping that I will be ready for what 2016 has in store for me coz there were plenty of downers these past couple of months. I hope you Misfits have a fantastic year ahead of you as well.

*sighs* Yup, I can do this.

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