Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tunes Pod: Troye Sivan, Halsey and Justin Bieber


Music has been a huge part of my upbringing and has both lifted and crashed my spirits, but nonetheless has always been there when I need it. Before, I used to do Tunes Pod posts but have found that I should focus on my book blogging skills (which doesn't really exist lol)

But yes, I'm bringing it back. These past 2 months, music has really saved me and these three amazing artists are what helped me get through day by day.


Bless you, my smol bean! I have known Troye Sivan for a long time because of Youtube. From a small boy who uploaded covers, original songs to randomly talking about certain issues, he became one of the most bankable and hottest young artist this year. And with his 1st album, Blue Neighbourhood, this is the greatest moment for his talent to shine in a bigger scale. He's such a talented, wonderful young man and Blue Neighbourhood is a true testament of his hard work. He'll now surge in the radio and I'm just so proud of him truly! TRULY, TRULY PROUD! 

Faves: WILD, EASE ft. Broods, COOL, HEAVEN ft. Betty Who, YOUTH, for him., BLUE ft. Alex Hope

I discovered Halsey through a friend and I am really thankful to that friend because Halsey is now a current fave and there is not a day that I wouldn't play at least one song from BADLANDS. Her lyrics are gorgeous and her style is refreshing. I definitely recommend her album to everyone, especially to my Misfit booknerds.

Faves: Hold Me Down, Roman Holiday, Colors, Haunting, Control, Ghost


After a tumultuous career for the Biebs, he comes back strong with Purpose, his album after a while. When I found out he dropped "What Do You Mean", I became skeptical and listened. My mind was blown. It was, of course, very different to how his songs usually sounded but of course still held his trademark. It was an epic song to listen to and now that the whole Purpose album has dropped, full of really, really good songs. I swear, BIEBER FEVER IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!

Faves: What Do You Mean, Sorry, Love Yourself, No Pressure, The Feeling ft. Halsey, Where Are You Now ft. Diplo & Skrillex

So that's my Tunes Pod for this month! I'm hoping you enjoy these list of people and their albums! Next month, I'll try to find some indie artists for next month, so look forward to that. See you soon!

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