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The Blog Crashers: Raffy of Eccentric Everything

The Blog Crashers is a blog event featuring book bloggers who crash into my blog for a day. They talk about themselves, their blog, books and more!

HELLO, EARTH. Today I shall be invading Writer for Misfits! Mwahahahahaha! LOL. Thank you for giving me the chance, dear Jayvee. I’m seriously honored. But yeah. Expect morbid responses and guttural sounds being made as I answer prepared questions! YES. THIS IS HOW I DO THINGS. The Raffy way! Let’s try to trend #RaffyInvadesJayvee , eh? Kidding. And with this, I present to you, my totally-ordinary-answers-to-jayvee’s-questions post! *Phineas and Ferb’s electric guitar cue* YAS! 
1.  Hi! Thank you for taking your time for the blog! Now, please introduce yourself.
  • Hi! I’m Raffy Perez! I’m a 15 year-old 10th Grader from the Philippines. Yes, I’m currently enrolled at a Science HS, but reading’s one of my escapes from all of those stressful stuff. I’m also a campus journalist, poet, debater, speaker, and try-hard/die-hard wanderer.

2. Where are you blogging from?
  • I’m currently based in Quezon City, Philippines.
3. What’s your blog’s name and what inspired your blog’s name?
  • My blog’s name is Eccentric Everything, and the reason behind my choice is that I’m a pretty spontaneous person who’s strange and odd, and I love talking about anything under the sun. Hence, Eccentric Everything.

4. How long have you been blogging and what do you enjoy most about it?
  • I’ve been blogging for two years now, and the fact that I get to read my ass out while connecting with fellow readers and awesome authors makes me want to cry and be proud of myself and the entire bookish community!

5. Who would you say is/are the person/people who influenced you to blog?
  • Well of course, there’s my family, since they’ve always been so supportive of me. Veronica Rossi, Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi are also in the picture, because I was so motivated to do bookish deeds when I was able to finally meet them during the 2014 VTR signing! 

6. Have you had any frustrations or insecurities about blogging?
  • Hmmm, I guess so. There was a time (relatively long ago), when I’ve had bouts of sadness because I wasn’t getting much attention and stuff. But now I can say that I’ve grown and now I feel that attention isn’t what I want. Rather, what I desired the most in my ventures into blogging is actually expression and dissemination of awareness. And also, giving myself the time to read with no pressure and being able to find an avenue to remove the stresses of life.

7. What is the best experience you’ve had when blogging and what do you love about the community?
  • Again, the connection! I love how everyone in the community, no matter where we are, can communicate and just share our passion for books and our ramblings in life. I also feel like there’s a transparent—casual thing going on with readers and authors and I really love that. I can profess my love for a certain book and then after a while I’d see some friends joining in on my rambling.

8. Now, share a photo of you with your current read/fave read.

Yes,  fave read

9. Now, in that fave or current read, choose an actor/actress you’d like to play any of the characters and explain why.
  • Well. I’d love to see Aaron Tveit portray Noah Shaw. I don’t know, yes we often see him as “good-boys” like Enjolras from Les Mis or T-Break from Grease. But I can sense that he has what it takes to be a punk-ass gentleman such as Noah. 

10. What’s your shower song? Or what do you mostly think in the shower? (I’m sorry. I’m a perv)
  • Shower song? Hmm. That’s hard, since I play an entire Spotify playlist in the shower. Some favorites are Roses and Until You Were Gone (The Chainsmokers), Alive and Cheap Thrills (Sia), Legendary Lovers (Katy Perry), and Pillowtalk (Zayn Malik)

11. What is the one movie you’ll never get tired of watching from the time to time?
  • A Sound of Music, of course. And also, Final Destination 3. And Rent. ESPECIALLY RENT. I LOVE RENT SO MUCH.

12. What other hobbies or passion projects do you have?
  • Call me a nerd but Research is really one of my passions. I also love writing in journals, or simply on my laptop. 

13. What books from 2016 are you super excited to read. You may put 5-10 books...or less if you like.

14. What would you like to say to Jayvee? LOL
  • LOL Ate Jayvee! I miss you so, so much! I miss the Peculiar Family! You guys are awesome and I love you all. I think that you are an amazing person as well. Never have doubts about anything, because you’re perfect! Well even if you are, please make chika! My inboxes are always open. Especially for wonderful beings like you!

15. Your message to the blogging community?
  • Hello, you guys! I just wanted to say thank you so %$#&ing much for letting me vent out my inner geek and just express my opinions on all thins bookish (or not)! I’m really grateful for all of the connections, support and friendship that I have gained ever since I started blogging. If ever y’all are curious about something or if you’re having insecurities and all, please never hesitate to talk to me! 

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