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1st Year BLOGVERSARY SPECIAL: Chatting with Mitchii of Kyaa! + SURPRISE

Hello there Misfit booknerds! It's my book blog's first year anniversary! WOOOHOOO!!! It's actually a lot older but then I converted to a full fledged book blog last April 8 and it's probably one of the best decisions I've ever made, because it makes me happy!! Thank you for sticking with me throughout this past year and understanding my shortcomings and whatnot. Okay, enough with the tears.

Anyway, to celebrate my fantastic 1st blogversary, I decided to do it in a completely different fashion. Since I'm not exactly rich enough to provide a giveaway, and since this feels a little too abrupt to have actually planned it, I decided to just have a little chat about what I also love most in the world, 2nd to books... And that is, ANIME!

Now, I've never exactly talked about anything ANIME on this blog, maybe because it's a book blog, 2nd is, why would I? But since my blog is for misfits, then why exactly am I limiting myself to just that? So, for my blogversary, I decided to chat with a friend, who is equally crazy about anime, Mitchii of Kyaa!, an anime and manga blog!

P.S. I know it's not the most conventional thing to do for a blogversary, but what the heck? HAHAHA! さぁ、始めよう (Let's begin)

Jayvee: Hi there Mitchii! How's the anime binge? LOL

Mitchii: Still catching up to my spring watch-list! I’m looking forward to couple of anime premiering this season! xD

J: I'm am soooo freaking excited about Gintama!

M: YAAAAASSS!!! Gintama is at the top of my list! So many arcs to watch out for!

J: How many arcs do you think they'll cover for it? I mean, the trailer was hella funny coz they did say the movie was like the end!

M: I don’t know for sure. But I hope it’s more than the last season. Yeah, I think Gintama broke many promises already. They said it was over but they came back again & again!

J: HAHAHAHAHA! Shinpachi did come back in the end credits so I was hoping it's like a funny start, but we never know with Gintama! What did you think of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso ending and do you think the OVA is needed?

M: I think it’ll still be funny but if they do animate the 2 latest arcs then, idk about that. Let’s just say it broke my heart. I really loved it! I was sad but I was still smiling. Idk what’s the purpose of the OVA bc I loved the ending the way it was. :D

J: I died when I read the manga though. I cried for sooo many hours and then the anime came and bam, same feels. The OVA kind of feels like a huge slap on the face if they still did it. I dunno. Maybe coz they said it's like the compilation of the last volume. I dunno, maybe it's like a round up of what happened, and then maybe we'll get like Kousei with Tsubaki :/

M: I cried too. And partially shocked w/ her confession. But the anime raised my feels further. The music, voices, & animation: perfect! Yeah, I’m worried about it (OVA) as well; the ending was good enough as it is.

J: I dunno, maybe it's like a round up of what happened, and then maybe we'll get like Kousei with Tsubaki :/

M: Really? That’s what the OVA might be? I really didn’t like Tsubaki. She was my least favorite character. D:

J: I dunno, maybe it's like a round up of what happened, and then maybe we'll get like Kousei with Tsubaki :/ I wanted to like her, but I couldn't.

M: Exactly! Selfish! She even once blamed Arima’s passion for music?! Like girl, were you for real?! *smh* I even liked Emi better! :P

J: Emi was likable no matter how much she detested Kousei. lol

J: All we've been talking about is anime endings, let's go to the new ones, besides Gintama of course, How was Shokugeki no Souma?

M: Fun! I’ve always been fascinated with gourmet series like YakiPan! So Souma is something is right up my alley.

J: I actually read the first few chapters of the manga and thought it was interesting, but it got too many to follow through.

M: Yeah, me too. Need to catch up on that too!

M: I don't mind the ecchi in case you’re wondering. ^^;

J: HAHAHAHAHA! OH! I liked the ecchi parts us well. We're such pervs! XD

M: HAHAHA! The fanservice are for boys, mostly! x

M: You’re doing all the questions, can I ask too? Which series are you currently obsessing right now?

J: Hmmm, obsessed? Most of them have ended though, but I guess I really love Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)

M: OH GOSH, TAIZAI?!! MINE TOO! ASDFGLKJHGFFJHKJK!!!<3 Who is your favorite character?

J: EEEP! I loooove Meliodas, but I am soooooooo in love with King's back story I just fell right there!

M: YAY! King all the way! I think many people preferred him as well. And chastiefol is so cool!

J: Chastiefol kinda reminds me of Gilgamesh's sword rain of sorts in Fate Stay Night... But then, Ban is pretty hot too, super lazy but hot!

M: No wonder Jericho fell for him. Too bad all he can think of is Elaine. :P

J: HAHAHA! Yeah! Wait, are we done? HAHAHAHAHA

M: I don’t know! Are we? LOL

J: NO! HAHAHAHA! We ain't done yet, I think! We haven't talked about a lot of the new ones we like! Or are bound to like :D

M: So what’s next? ^^

J: Ahhhh! How was Owari no Seraph? You've seen it right?

M: No, not yet. *angry face*... LOL wrong emoticon, haha. Don’t worry I’m planning to, maybe tomorrow er later. Have you?

J: Nope, I haven't seen it. Maybe later too. Kai of Amaterasu Reads has been pushing me to watch it since earlier today!

M: Oh, you still haven't. I read it is from the same studio that animated AoT so I've high hopes! :D

J: I'm looking forward to watching Kyoukai no Rinne though but it hasn't exactly been subbed yet :''(

M: I heard no one pick it up for English license.

J: What!??? What's that suppose to mean, like the manga or the anime? I must watch Kyoukai no Rinne!!! *desperate*

M: The anime. So you have to wait for a fan group to sub it. Not really a big fan of Rumiko Takahashi’s works except Ranma. Curious tho, what is it all about?

J: Dear sweet mother of GOD! NOOOOO!!!! Ahem! Well, it's about a young girl who can see ghosts and spirits and she keeps shut about it. Then she discovers that one of her classmates is actually like a Shikigami or Omnyoji or something, and he must keep her from telling anyone about him. I dunno, it's just soooo cute! And yes, Ranma 1/2 FTW! Inuyasha was good at first, but then I got bored.

M: Yes, apparently that was the case. Oh, it has supernatural theme! Inuyasha was quite boring to me. At least Ranma was hilarious. ^^

J: I can't bear the thought of not seeing it! Anyway, there's also the Digimon Adventures tri, what do you think of it?

M: Not into Digimon, Pokemon & the likes. Maybe before but not anymore. :D

J: Okay, now we found our differences! I guess I enjoy a lot of anime genres.

M: Haha, I did watch some of them like Beyblade and Yugioh but my taste changed, I guess.

M: All-time favorite? You can only choose one; what is it?

J: OH DEAR SWEET CHESSUS, What is this torture??? It's a split between Ouran High School Host Club and Cardcaptor Sakura...I can never get tired of watching these two, but if I have to choose, maybe Ouran High cause I watched the show 6 times last year.

M: AAAHHH!! I loved those two!

J: How about you?

M: If I wasn’t obvious enough: Tokyo Ghoul!

J: That's the one anime I can't bring myself to watch. I did get to watch Attack on Titan, which I was bat sh*t scared about.

M: It’s psychological than horror tho. Also violent since they are preying on humans so there’s that. LOL

J: Yeah, definitely gonna take a lot of time getting through that mess. But the visuals seem fantastic

M: The animation esp the first season was awesome. Sadly it wasn’t a very great adaptation.

M: I recently became infatuated with seinen* series. The darker the theme the better! LOL

J: Is Tokyo Ghoul seinen???

M: Yes, it’s a seinen series.

J: Hmmm, I usually read or watch Seinen series that are more, I dunno, sweeter in a sense? I know it is kinda mature but there's something there that I can't quite explain. But preferably, even more than shoujo animated shows, I prefer joseis* :D

M: I don’t like seinen with lots of fanservice. Or just fanservice type in general. This is why I like TKG so much. It has a solid story. Josei! Yes! bc it also tackles other stuff aside from romance.



J: You're a Nomiya and Ayu fan? I was always, always hoping for Mayama *cries* I remember crying in so many episodes.. Like even the simplest of things in the show, I can't even!

M: I was Nomiya fan bc I tend to like guy #2. No, actually Nomiya was so patient & I wanted Ayu to move on already so…yeah. ;D

J: Really, really good point! What I guess I'm really sad about is Takemoto not ending up with Hagu! From day 1 OMG!

M: Most of them were. Morita & Takemoto didn’t get Hagu, Hagu chose Sensei, Ayu didn’t get Mayama. Mayama & Rika weren’t exactly together. A complicated network of unrequited love.

M: Morita’s brother Kaoru made me cry buckets of tears! T^T

J: That episode with Morita's brother murdered me! It's the only episode where I had to lock myself in my room and cry uncontrollably.

M: Don’t remind me. It broke my heart!!! No it shattered it to tiny, microscopic pieces. I can’t!!! T.T

J: That show killed us. I think it killed me more that Shigatsu. Anyway, we've been sidetracked with all this, what Spring 2015 shows are you crazy excited about!?

M: H&C is forever a favorite! Well, Gintama of course! Actually, Gintama, Ore Monogatari & Shokugeki no Souma.

J: AHHHH Ore Monogatari! I'm crazy excited for that one too! It's gonna be so much fuwa-fuwa after Kamisama Hajimemashita's 2nd season ended.

J: So, any anime recommends for now? Let's say your Top 3! :D or Top 5, so it won;t be too hard on you! LOL

M: This season? Or anything that was already aired?

J: Anything! :)

M: Ok!
1. Tokyo Ghoul 
2. Barakamon 
3. Nanatsu no Taizai 
4. Akatsuki no Yona 
5. Death Note

J: Okay! YAY! Thank you so much for stopping by to chat Mitchii! You've been such a sport for this silliness of mine! I had tons of fun! :D

M: (anime & manga chat is my forte!) I had tons of fun so thanks for having me! <3

J: Then, that's a wrap!

Thanks again to Mitchii of Kyaa for spending 2 hours of her time chatting with me about anime and sorts! I do recommend you guys check out some of the titles we've mentioned in case you haven't seen them, most especially, Honey and Clover. We are still currently mourning those unrequited loves, LOL! Btw, the bold words are the anime titles, so you can go search for them or stream them in your streaming service. 


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Mitchii and I both plan to talk about manga next month for another special. It'll include both mine and Mitchii's manga favorites, one shots and more!

Thanks for stopping by Misfit booknerds! I hope you love anime too!!! YAY!

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