Sunday, April 5, 2015

#JenniferESmithMonth: Happy Thoughts Gift Shop

Hello there Misfit Booknerds! So I recently posted my review of This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith for #JenniferESmithMonth,which has been extended for 2 more weeks because of circumstances (school). Anyway, as much as I enjoyed the book, I kind of enjoyed Maggie's Happy Thoughts Gift Shop. And with this feature, I would like to talk about it and what I would really love to find in that messy treasure trove!


So, Happy Thoughts Gift Shop, as Ellie advertised it in the novel, is a shop filled with all kinds of stuff you might end up finding at other specialty catered stores. There are books, picture frames, LOBSTER-THEMED ITEMS, the works! It used to be quite neat, but from what I read, it seemed like an episode of Hoarders. But also from reading small bits in the story where the shop is involved, I kinda got sucked in by its charm and thought, maybe if I end up at Henley, Maine, I could get some souvenirs from the shop. *winks* And they might actually have one that I'll like!

1. Vintage books

I've pointed out already that the shop has books but maybe they have those really huge ones that are like a few pounds and are being eaten away by termites. They can be good additions to old collections, house decorations to make you look intellectual or for safety purposes--door stoppers.

2. Music boxes

I find it hard to find really adorable music boxes here in the Philippines. Like those really cute, vintage-y looking ones that when you open there's like a ballerina inside. Happy Thoughts, for sure has one of those and could maybe exceed my wildest expectations. (most especially if it has the Anastasia music box eeeep!)

3. Old McDonald's Happy Meal toys

I used to be very jealous of kids in the neighborhood that got toys from Happy Meals whenever they went to McDonald's. I feel like such a sheltered child. Even as I got Barbie's to play with, I yearned a Happy Meal toy. The first one I got was a Chicken Little toy in fifth grade, that got lost when we had our house renovated. I've always liked their toys, especially the old ones from like early 2000's. I know Happy Thoughts might not exactly be that old to have them, but maybe they have some stuck in treasure chests on sale.

4. Journals

I love me some journals and I feel like a journal hoarder already for owning 11 of them. And I don't like to stop there. Maybe the shop would have those intricately designed ones that would come at a bargained price, coz them journals ain't cheap.

5. Earrings

I don't exactly wear earrings all the time but when I do, I feel like a queen. I've always seen earrings as statement pieces that could really make an outfit more than wearing your Roshe Runs or designer bags. I think for being such small things, earrings are like the total package because it could definitely make or break a look. The shop might actually have some vintage earrings or even just really simple loopy ones. They could even have lobster earrings. Let's see if you can pull one off.

6. Really old vinyl records

Jazz. Just Jazz. Ahhhh! <3

In addition, I would also love to get one of those frames with poems in them that Ellie just loves. I think Happy Thoughts Gift Shop is such a magical, chaotic yet vibrant place and I really do wish, if I end up stranded in Maine, that it actually exists. If it does, keep me posted please? THANK YOU!

Okay, so that's it for this feature! Check out more these coming few days as we wrap up #JenniferESmithMonth! Peace Misfit Booknerds! :)

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