Friday, April 24, 2015

Writers Central: The Story of My Best Friend by Jastine Yap

Hello there Misfit Booknerds! If you've read one of my features from the previous week, you know I have invited you to join my story sharing project! I have received positive comments from friends and other readers, although I have yet to receive more submissions, but I was sooo happy when I received one and you are gonna read it now!!! Please check it out.


Placed next to a stranger 
Still too shy to say much at all 
Will talking be danger 
Or the start of a happy ball? 
Slowly, I took a shot
Opened my heart but on qui vive
Still she listened truly
When things looked bad, she did not leave  
I saw the prized jewel
And soon learned that looks can deceive
To part ways now, cruel
In heart this note please receive  
You are so dear to me
I will love you until the end
This true friendship please see
And forever be my best friend 

Thank you so much to Jastine for being such a sport and for sharing her wonderful, sweet poem! I'm sure her best friend will adore this! You can check out her Tumbr account, AlienWithAFlower for more poems and her personal stories. And support her over Poetry! :)

If you want to submit your own entries, then I encourage you to do so! It's a fun, active way to get your stories out there!!! Find out how you can submit them if you are interested here. Have fun and keep writing misfits!

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