Friday, April 24, 2015

Authors I Wish Were My Best Friends

I think I've stalking authors way too much on Twitter, trying very hard to get their attention by tweeting them... Do cat videos actually work to lure them in? Maybe? I wish I've tried that. Anyway, we've all wanted authors, most especially if they are our favorites, to be our best friends and it seems fun to imagine strolling around parks, maybe suggesting to them a few character deaths or two or a good way to hook up. Having authors as best friends could be a ton of fun! And I have the perfect list of authors I wish were my best friends. Please don't hate me if they seem sooo mainstream either.

WARNING: Let this be a note to authors that I am not an insane fangirl, I just really, really love your work... and of course you. OH MY GOD, JAYVEE! >.<

1. John Green (The Fault in Our Stars, Paper Towns)

I think it's obvious that every young adult reader would want to be friends with John Green and actually having him as your best friend is a lot better! Watching vlogbrothers, which is his Youtube vlog with his equally adorable brother Hank (who I also want as a best friend), allows me to pretend that am actually John's really good friend at the other side of the world. His Getting Fit For Nerds video is something I still watch today and had always found inspiring. And also, who wouldn't want to be best friends with the author that almost killed all of your feels. I think having him as a best friend would mean an easy remedy for the broken feels. 

2. Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor and Park, Fangirl)

Back at the time when Rainbow Rowell didn't seem entirely busy favoriting and replying to fangirls' tweets, I used to be able to talk to her normally (as I have seen it), even had the chance to ask her if I could be best friends with her when I move to Omaha, Nebraska. She says there's a possibility for it. So the only thing getting in my way is plane tickets! Omaha, I'm coming for you... soon! Just don't move to another place yet, okay Rainbow?

3. Jennifer Niven (All The Bright Places,  Velva Jean Learns To Drive)

This might seem like a default since it seems as though Jennifer and I are best buds already. However, best friends get the chance to actually high five each other... and not virtually *cries* I will claim best friend rights with Jennifer, IRL lol

4. Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being A Wallflower)

I think typing in his name would mean "NUFF SAID"already coz, I dunno, there's just a huge appeal to having Stephen as a best friend... Probably because The Perks of Being A Wallflower is close to his heart and mine too, so it's definitely something we can bond over. Other than that, maybe we can make that Falcon and The Slut novel now!

5. David Levithan (Every Day, The Realm of Possibility)

Ahhhh, the King of Sass. I've always loved David Levithan's way with words and at times they can come as really sassy. I know who I'll bring to the next debate club meeting. LOL. Other than that, I love how romantic he can get.

6. Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, Hollow City)

I have always found Ransom really charming and I met him in person for a signing event and he is so nice and kind to his readers, it's so adorable. I think I'd like a friend who would definitely defend me in times of trouble, probably coz of his height. He has an awesome wit... and maybe being best friends with him could allow me to subject myself to ask him if he could ship me with Enoch.. *swoons*. OOOOH! And also, he's so adorable with Tahereh, I'd looove to have tea or cookies with her sometime.

7. Jay Kristoff (The Lotus War Trilogy)

I love it whenever I talk with Jay. He's so blunt and honest, it overwhelms me yet it makes me happy. I think we all need that kind of best friend  who will be honest with us at all times. Also, damn he's soooooo cool, I don't think I can pass up an opportunity to be his best friend, if presented that is...

8. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)

I may be going on a limb here (coz he's been long gone) but being best friends with the king of detective mysteries would've been the best thing in the planet! I mean, cmon, SHERLOCK!

9. Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Anansi Boys)

He's like, one of the coolest people in the world, with all of his novels and his attitude! He's also very nice to his readers and who would not want to interact with him once in a while. Having him as a best friend might mean I could tag along with him and his adventures and maybe get inspired to write my own best selling novels! I mean, the guy is inspiring as heck...  P.S. He greeted me a Happy Birthday before, well, after I sort of asked him to do so. But still... #FriendshipGoals

10. Becky Albertalli (Simon VS. The Homo Sapiens Agenda)

Someone who will give you free Oreos and seems very easy to talk to...Share recipes on how to manipulate your Oreos and maybe tag Simon along! :) That would make for a perfect day...

Honestly, I would looooove to be best friends with a ton of authors. I think my friendship with Bethany Crandell (Summer On The Short Bus) is already set in stone anyway hahaha!

How about you guys, who are the authors you wish were your best friends! Leave your answers in the comments below!

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