Friday, April 17, 2015

If YOU Share Your Stories

Hello there Misfit Booknerds! How's it hangin'? Are you writing anything or in the midst of it? Well, I have this little project that I am setting up and it's not exactly something important or anything. Let's say that this is a test run. A prototype.

So, I've been sharing my stories with you guys, short stories that have been swimming in my head for a very long time and you've all been very supportive about them, giving me constructive criticism and feedback, and I am truly grateful! Anyway, I want to set up this project where short story writers and poets can share their stories with my readers and hopefully share them with others they know. 

It'd be great if they have a platform in which they are writing their short stories like Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr, so it'll easier to promote their page and won't require me to set up a post on my blog itself. It'll be more of a link. But other than that, there'll be an introduction of you as a writer. Maybe questions will be asked, like a mini-interview :)

Again, this is a prototype or a test project and will bear fruit if people actually want to participate or not. Writers that have not shared any of their stories are very welcome to share them here, where you will feel comfortable and not judged.

If you are actually comfortable sharing your stories with everyone, then please, shoot me an email at jayveedecastro27 (at) gmail (dot) com. You can attach a document of your story to share or the link of the story you want to share. It can either be a short or a poem.

The document must include:

1. Title of the piece
2. Name of writer/author and a little background of yourself. If you want to keep yourself anonymous, please use like a pen name so I could include it on the post's title :)
3. If you have a writing blog or book blog, I could promote that through links :)

Be sure that it's an original piece! Please, don't make it hard on any of us. I will check your document for any plagiarism :)

I don't expect this at all to be a big thing or will blow up from the beginning but I am hopeful still. LOL. I look forward to you submissions!

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