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Book Nerd Special RECAP: #VTRinPH

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To wait for April 26 was not an easy task. You’d have to be informed of Tahereh Mafi’s, Ransom Riggs’ and Veronica Rossi’s visit to the Philippines early in January and to wait for three more months was vexing and I wished I had Hermione’s time turner to speed things up. But I guess I was thankful for the wait because I got to save up for the books I needed and got to prepare my emotions and physicality for it. My peculiar family and I planned out so many things beforehand to prepare ourselves for the tiring but fun event. Before the event, I headed to Manila from Batangas and stayed at my sister’s apartment which was nearer at the transportation terminal in Bicutan. Unfortunately though, I slept at around 2am. I didn’t know why. I wasn’t exactly excited even if that were what’s supposed to be, but I didn’t feel anything. I guess it was from the exhaustion and someone who I was texting with in the middle of the night. I blame him for it. You know who you are. LOL!

Anyway, I didn’t know how amazing I could actually be to act upon my late rise from bed. I expected to have been at the event at 5am but sucks. I guess I was still asleep. But I moved at the speed of light and headed to the jeep that takes me to the MRT station and amazingly, I made it to Ayala Station in the nick of time, contacted my ever so loving booknerd bestfriend Eriele of This Is Not Your Book Blog, and friends I’ve made through Facebook and Twitter like Godwin of Machinations of My Muddled Mind, Apollo, Carol, Coleen, Luigi and Raine.  

I got to meet Reign of Reign of Books who I met on Twitter and was first in line with CL and Alex.  Momma Joan was also at the front of the lines with Ate Kae because they stayed in a hotel. I was soooo proud. Alia of Ponderings of Psyche also got to rendezvous with us and spend the time catching up with each other. I got to meet Anette of Anette The Wicked, one of my good friends on Twitter.  

I also got to meet a new friend, Karell. She was sooo sweet. She lent me her glasses, just because they are sooooo hipster. Joana and Jasmin came in quite late but they still got to sit with us. Raye, who came in a bit later, met up with us, and she got to sit with us and with the help of Neil of UnderTheNeverSkyPH, got a stub ahead.

With Karrel's glasses on... OH GOSH! I LOOK GOOD!

There were so many people to meet. It was also the other fandoms’ opportunity to promote their pages and also the authors and books. Of course, Syndrigasts Philippines was there and UnderTheNeverSkyPH.  I didn’t notice Shatter Me PH. Before the main event started, my friends and I headed to PowerBooks at Greenbelt to watch the Bloggers Forum. During that time, we were at the side, checking out the three wonderful authors as they went on signing the bloggers’ books and take pictures with them. Then out of the blue, Tahereh noticed my TEAM KENJI banner and then pointed at us and Eriele, who was cosplaying Olive. Tahereh then tapped Ransom and then they suddenly took photos of us. O.M. G. O.O!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. IT WAS AN “I CAN’T BREATHE” MOMENT! Then Ransom talked to us, especially Eriele, who cosplayed Olive.

Ransom: Why aren’t you levitating?
Me: I’m holding this *tugs yarn/rope*
Eriele: *laughs* I had to much to eat.
Ransom *laughs* It’s all in here. You have to think hard *pointing his finger on his temples*
Eriele: Okay then!

We then got a chance to interact with some bloggers. Celine from Two Ends of a Bookshelf came to us and introduced herself to us and gave us Gayle Forman bookmarks, courtesy of GayleFormanPH. I also got to see familiar faces from Twitter such as Algel of , Kai of Amaterasu Reads, Louisse of The Soul Sisters blog. I got to say hi to Dianne of Oops I Read A Book Again, though I’m not sure if she recognized me. I got to hug Hazel of Stay Bookish though! It sucks that my shyness came in and destroyed the opportunity to say HI and take photos with them. Kayla of The Bookish Owl wasn’t there, but she got to Skype with us. She even got a special live Skype message from Ransom, thanks to Momma Joan! YEAH!


Some bloggers took photos of us with the TEAM WARNER, ADAM AND KENJI banners along with Godwin and Apollo, who went as Enoch!

While waiting for the main event to start, we took so many photos, with our banners and just us being wacky and over it. 

Then, the main event started. Screaming fangirls reigned over the event, with their own banners and such. 

Being that we were in front, our banners were front of the pack and the authors quickly noticed them. Ransom and Tahereh were greeted with Ransereh shippers and Tiders screamed for Veronica. The host of the event started asking questions. First, Veronica was asked since it was her first time in the Philippines. She was asked how she felt and the positive reception of the books to her Filipino fans. Tahereh, being that this was her second time said hi to her fans and the crowd went wild. Ransom, also on his second time being in the Philippines was overwhelmed with the support of the fans.  The fans then screamed for Ransom and Tahereh to kiss, Ransom giving Tahereh a peck on the cheek. 

The host then asked three about their books being films, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children on its pre-production stage, with Ransom getting the chance to read the script for the film while Shatter Me and Under The Never Sky were opted for films. 

Tahereh and Veronica were also asked about the way they ended their stories with Juliette ending up with Warner and Aria with Perry, Veronica saying that Aria was meant to be with Perry although fans were seemingly taken by Roar’s character. She then asked the fans if they wanted Aria to have hooked up with Roar. Fans laughed at this. Then Tahereh said the same thing that she has already thought about pairing up Juliette with Warner from the very beginning. Kenji was a fan favourite with fans screaming his name. I, a personal fan of Kenji, and in love with his character, screamed at the mention of his name. The authors also talked about the way they write and how it affects the way they think. 

The Ransereh couple had the chance to talk about the way the share their manuscripts at each other, or a sentence from the books that they are writing. Fans screamed over their romantic gestures at each other. It was so cute. Tahereh also got to mention Veronica’s new book, saying that it was really, really good. Veronica, got to mention how she shares her stories with her husband, who she says is “a beautiful, gorgeous writer”.

After the Q and A with the authors, the signing commenced. The host got to mention Reign, CL and Alex who were lined up at 2am. They got to go up the stage and share hugs with the authors and photo ops. Then, the main signing commenced. I was #66, which is a miracle from God. Reign and the others got the chance to be interviewed by the media. I waited for my opportunity to go up the stage and have them sign my books. When my number got called, I raced to the line, and went up the stage. The first author I got to meet was Veronica.

ME: Hi Veronica! How are you?
Veronica: I’m really good. I’m enjoying my stay so far. You?
ME: I’m fine. I really really love your work! Your writing is fantastic.
*picture gets taken, Veronica signs my book*
ME: I really love your eyes.
Veronica: I love your flower crown. It’s adorable.
ME: Thank you so much! See you soon!
Veronica: Thank you! Have a nice day ahead!

(c) Jasmin

Next was with Ransom Riggs, one of my all time favourite authors, because his books are magical! I got my books ready and the letter I made the day before I travelled to Manila. I asked my friends to leave their messages at the back of the letter for Ransom. Then I got my chance.

ME: Hi Ransom! It’s nice to finally meet you!
Ransom: It’s nice to meet you too!
ME: Your books are fantastic. I just love the way you wrote them.
Ransom: OH Thank you very much for that!
ME: Let’s take a photo first!
*picture gets taken, Ransom signs books*
ME: OH BY THE WAY! *hands him letter* This is a letter I made for you!
Ransom: OH WOW! *stares at the letter wide eyed*
ME: Yeah! Thanks! OH! My friends wrote short messages at the back for you!
Ransom: OH WOW! Thank you very much! I will read it once I get the chance! This is great!
ME: You’re welcome! Tweet about it sometime! Thank you so much for visiting! Have fun!
Ransom: Thank you!

(c) Jasmin

Then it was finally the time for me to finally talk to Tahereh Mafi, one of my favourites because, who wouldn’t love Kenji’s Momma! Plus, I aspire to be her! Her fashion sense and beauty and writing books are out of this world. I would exchange my whole year to experience a day or two in the shoes of her greatness!

ME: Hi Tahereh! How are you!
Tahereh: I’m great! You?
ME: I’m awesome! Let’s take a photo first, okay?
*picture gets taken, Tahereh signs books*
ME: OH GOSH! You are so beautiful and your books, I love your writing and the characters.
Tahereh: Thank you very much.
ME: You actually inspire me to write. Thank you. *hands her letter*
Tahereh: *looks at the letter*.This is beautiful. *stares at the front cover*
ME: My friends wrote messages at the back too.
Tahereh: This is wonderful. Thank you very much.
ME: Thank you so much! Have fun!
Tahereh: You have fun too! Thank you!

(c) Jasmin

I think I was at daze while carrying my heavy books towards back my seat, walking a distance of what felt like a kilometre because I didn’t want the conversation with them to end. They were such beautiful people! I want them to come back soon with new books to promote! I would be happy to go back, if every year they come by and visit.

I also got to meet up with one of my sweet friends who I never got to meet in person, and after two years, got to do so. Thank you sooooo much Ida for bearing with my cray-cray for a few minutes we got to talk and fangirl. P.S. KENJI SAYS HI! He will always be mine, forever and always.

(c) Joanacakes!!!

Momma is again, very, very lucky! *flails*

(c) Raine,  Anette of Anette The Wicked

Thank you to the wonderful people I got to meet and for the two thousand people who invaded Glorietta 1 Activity Center for Veronica, Tahereh and Ransom.

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I’m sorry if it took a while before I posted a recap, but I promise to make up for it next time (JENNY HAN AND STEPHANIE PERKINS!). I will update my books once I get back home to Batangas! Bye Misfits, and see you next time!

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