Friday, May 16, 2014

MISFIT TALKS: I Just Met Abed, And This Is What You Do With #SixSeasonsAndAMovie?

I’ve been cooped up in my sister’s apartment for a few weeks, with very limited internet connection supply coz her broadband broke, and well, all hell broke loose! As you may have noticed, I have also encountered the problem of updating my blog often, so I’m truly sorry for that. Anyway, the reason for this rant is because after getting back into the world of social media, for probably a day, I discovered that one of my favorite shows in the whole, entire universe, COMMUNITY, was cancelled.

(Warning... A LOT of Abed and Troy GIF's)

I think I popped a pill in my imagination, took a cruise into HateVille and decided to murder every bad thought that I had towards NBC for cancelling our beloved show.

I’ve never met a show so witty, so diverse, so touching and unbelievably funny like Community. Every episode, I looked forward to watching! I even re-watched all five seasons because I felt like it. And I did it for 2 days straight, because that is how much I loved the show! And then, what did NBC do? They cancelled it.

They cancelled my ticket out of boredom. They took away my dream of having Annie and Abed become more than just friends! They took away the chance of Troy coming back for even one episode to reconvene with Abed and do their handshake. They took away the chance of Britta making something out of herself for real this time. And they took away the chance for Jeff to become more honest about his love for Greendale and how he just wants for everything to be okay. UGH! They ruined everything!

#SIXSEASONSANDAMOVIE was the deal since Season 1. That was the mantra I lived by in the television world. I believed in Abed always saying this and keeping me gripped to the 4th wall.

But then they had to pull the plug. Why? Everything was fine! DAN HARMON CAME BACK! EVERYTHING WAS GOING SMOOTHLY! Why? Did we not tweet enough how much we love the show? Did we not try to Save Greendale enough for it to be shut down just like that?!

And then, the most depressing part of it all, is that I just met Danny Pudi in April, and this is what you do? We all wished, even him, even the staff at FOX International, that #sixseasonsandamovie was going to happen. NBC, you left us devastated. You have killed TV Time. KickPuncher will probably be knocking on your doors soon and would not do something pretty.

And that’s why, I believe in second chances, and maybe, just maybe, you can bring the show back! It has contributed to the company’s views for sure. Do Community a favor this time, please?

But if all else fails, I am begging Comedy Central and HULU to Save Greendale and give the show a chance to finish what it started and be the awesome show it is meant to be. It was started to end with greatness.

So, to all you Community fans out there, Misfits who love Community, help tweet Comedy Central or HULU or even NBC if they are willing to, to bring back the funniest and smartest show out there. I believe in the power of fandoms! We can make #sixseasonsandamovie happen! We just have to put out everything we have.

Do it for the study group. Do it for Pierce. Do it for Troy, and of course, Do it for Abed.

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