Monday, May 19, 2014

#JennyHaninPH---The Misfit Giveaway (PH)

As you all might've heard already, Jenny Han is coming to the Philippines for a book signing!!!! *throws confetti everywhere* *shimmy dance* *throws flower petals to people* That's right! This June 21st, Jenny Han will be having her first book signing in the Philippines, courtesy of National Book Store! COOL BEANS Y'ALL! And to celebrate this wonderful event, I would like to invite you all to join #TheMisfitGiveaway as it is about to give out one awesome TEE SHIRT, courtesy of JLDesigns. Now this shirt is especially made for by my friend Jasmin and she worked really hard for it! *throws more confetti!*

Here's how you can join to get the fantastic prize!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The prize, as I've said is a shirt designed by Jasmin of JLDesigns. If you wanna know what it looks like, here:

THIS ONE IS SIGNED!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We look forward to your participation in this one! The last #TheMisfitGiveaway was a success, so, HUGS AND KISSES! 

As for my readers in the US or in Canada or any part of the world (if you exist), I will try hard to get you guys an international giveaway. I really want to do that because misfit booknerds are everywhere, and I love that fact! <3

Anyway, don't forget to follow Jenny Han on Twitter: @jennyhan
Also, follow National Book Store on Twitter and Instagram for more details on the #JennyHaninPH book signings! Don't forget to use the hashtag! *winks*

Looking forward to seeing you there at the event Misfit Booknerds!!! 

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