Thursday, May 29, 2014


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Well, hello there, my name is Jenivieve De Castro and this week, we will talk about my family, particularly my siblings. Let’s get started. (WOW! I JUST DID A TYLER OAKLEY THERE. LOL)

Stephanie. (20 years old... *I need to lie about her age you see. Guess it*) 

So, I have a sister named Stephanie and she is one of the most beautiful human beings on this planet and a total weirdo. HAHA! Just kidding.

She is sweet even if she throws a lot of tantrums. She tries to act her age, but really, she just, well. No, she can’t. HAHAHA! I don’t really know her so well, basically because there is a thing about us probably not being real sisters. But let’s just keep it totally hush-hush now for the viewing public. I know someone who won’t like this post. LOL! Anyway, I love her and I can’t wait to cuddle with her again.

Jefferson (19 years old... )
My younger brother who is extremely tall standing at 5’11. I hate this fact really. I WAS THE TALLEST BACK IN YEAR 2 IN HIGH SCHOOL, THEN WHAT!? FREAKIN’ GROWTH SPURT ON GUYS!? HAHAHA!

Anyway, my brother is the so called “nice guy” coz he’s nice to all the girls except for me, coz we fight a lot. But we do love each other. I just don’t like it when he tries to cuddle me or ask for favors. Creeps me out! We do a lot of funny faces too and laugh endlessly at jokes on Facebook. We also like games from franchises like Marvel or DC games.

Jermaine (16 years old...)
The gamer in the family. The chick magnet and the playaaah. HAHA! I dunno why my brother is so hot with the girls. I mean, we have the same genes, so why haven’t I ever had a boyfriend? *facepalm* He’s the quiet type but he likes to argue with me, especially with TV rights. He’ll snarl at you and tell you that you’ve had enough of the TV.

He’s also the wrecker in the family... particularly, “THE WRECKER OF MY STUFF.” He’s wrecked my laptop’s keyboard, a few of my eyeglasses and my iPod nano. I’ve never thrown anything at him before yet to show him my rage. Maybe a few sets of slippers, but that doesn’t hurt, yeah? HE’S ALSO VERY TALL!! HE STANDS AT 5’6” now!! WHAT HAPPENED HUH?

So that’s it about my siblings. I think that it would be a total invasion of privacy if I start sharing their phone numbers to you now or their Facebook accounts. Nope. Anyway, maybe I’m adopted that’s why I’m not growing any taller or why I ain't pretty....Hmmm.

Tell me about your siblings on the comments below! I would love to hear from you about them and what you love or hate about them, coz dude. I know you do. Anyway, Misfits, thank you and have fun!

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