Monday, May 26, 2014

Basic Necessities When Reading (The Misfit Edition)

Hi, I am Jayvee and I am a proud booknerd and reading books is my life. But it is always important to know that like life itself, reading has its necessities and it is important to have those whenever you do end up reading. Reading is a serious task to consider, so here are some of the basic necessities you need when reading.

1. Proper Lighting- I honestly do not believe in this need though I did say otherwise. I tend to read with only a cellphone flashlight which I know does not benefit my eyes one bit. Blame my father and reading habits. Ugh. Anyways, make sure that you have some sort of wide lighting coverage when reading. It shouldn’t just be the book that is properly lit, but also the surroundings. I had times when I end up looking in the dark after reading with a small light, causes flashes. Believe me, you don’t want to go through with it. A night stand may also help if you have one, or those on your headboards if you are snazzy!

2. A comfy chair, a recliner, bedspread or beanbag- Now this, is one basic necessity when reading that you should never miss out on. Making sure that you are comfortable. It is important when reading because it helps you focus on the reading material rather than the pain that you might get when you are not comfortable on the chair or recliner you are sitting on. If you do not like reading while sitting, lying down may work for you, but it may not be as efficient because it kind of gives me the headaches, but when you are on your bed, make sure that you have enough pillows to elevate your head, you have a pillow between your legs, and maybe even have a blanket over. 

3. Ventilation- It’s annoying to read when it is too hot or too cold, especially when you are reading in your room or inside the house. Have a fan ready on your room and make sure that it is not to near nor too far from you, so that there is better coverage in which the air in the fan travels. If you use airconditioning in your room, don’t put the setting too high because you might end up fussing over the comforter for heat rather than focus on the book you are reading.

4. Water/Drinks- It is important to replenish when you’ve just read through a really intense dystopian or suspense thriller book. It is important to keep your water intake in check, so have a bottle or two of water in your bed side or on the floor, where you can grab it easily. If you have a mini-fridge, then stock it up with water or soda, or whatever your preference is as long as it replenishes the body. Plus, water helps supply the oxygen the body needs. Coz feels require a ton of oxygen. This can help in certain situations when you’ve run out of oxygen tanks. 

You'll probably listen if Louis told you, right?

5. Snacks- Every reader’s gotta have snacks! When you have cravings while your reading and you freakin’ don’t wanna go downstairs anymore, the best way to save yourself from the trouble is having a bowl ready with your favorite chips or maybe a bag of your favorite cookies. Chocolates are good too. They make you feel fuller or something rich in fiber. I really do suggest Dauntless cake or some blue cookies... Just anything sugary. But if you are a healthy eater, frozen grapes are super awesome or any type of frozen berry too!

Be amazed by the large cookies!!! (It's the resolution ppl)

Hmmmm... I want a slice please, or I'll slice you instead

So that is my basic needs when reading. And I’m sure that some of you relate to this but if you have any other ways on how you read or what you need when your reading, do share it with me on the comments! It’s always nice to hear from you! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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