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MOVIE REVIEW: HER by Spike Jonze (2013)

It’s been over a month since I last made a movie review and I kind of paced through my last weeks of March with school works and April enjoying my summer reading books and watching TV shows more than movies. But since I did get to see a few movies and I’m really trying to push my limits with writing posts more this month to catch up with the following weeks to a month that I have not been able to posts anything.


Spike Jonze takes the helm for this comedy about a withdrawn writer (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with his computer's highly advanced operating system.

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Misfit Review:
With the fast rise of technology, it is easier to communicate with people through phones, computers and the like, but what if you end up falling in love with an Operating System that relays certain emotions and has understood you more than you would ever have experienced with real human beings.

HER is the wonderful mix of romance, psychology and technology in which Theodore Twombly, played by Joaquin Phoenix, goes through his everyday life, after going through a divorce with the woman he loves dearly. He works at a company that writes personalized letters full of love and optimism. But he doesn’t feel complete. Then, Theodore meets Samantha, or better yet, buys Samantha from a software company where the company promotes life emotions, friendships while performing tasks such as checking emails, any system failures and more. But what is amazing with having Samantha around was that he was able to confide in her, while Samantha learns how to really feel and how she is able to interact with him with the lingering feelings that she describes constantly to him.

The original screenplay was written by the amazing Spike Jonze who directed this film and was nominated for countless awards also; winning Best In Original Screenplay for Spike Jonze. The screenplay actually sold me into watching this movie. It is the right kind of queer and originality that I needed in the film. It is the kind of romance that is weirdly enchanting, not like those regular chick-flick movies.

The location of course is futuristic however I noticed that there was some sort of regress in the fashion sense, sort of reminiscent of the 70’s or 80’s. But I guess that’s fashion. Old trends come back.

The actors were amazing with Joaquin Phoenix providing a mixture of emotions in his weird, little way that you’d end up really rooting for him for what he does. Amy Adams is not radiant in this film. In her previous films, she always had a glow in her, but in this movie, she portrays Amy, a graduate student who breaks off in a domineering relationship. She looks tired and old in this movie, but the characterization was fantastic. She provides that needed polarity and neutralization from the chain of events.

And then, there is Scarlett Johansson’s voice for Samantha. Since when did a voice become endearing that you’d fall in love with it? Well, Scarlett’s voice was spot on, natural and witty, with her inherent rasp that is sexy and playful. There was also the pain in it that made you feel sorry for their disposition.

The music is cool and soothing. Not to heavy on the ears. It allows you easy pacing towards the film. Most of the scenes embodied warm shades and the ambiance felt summery and active, but mostly you will notice the shades yellow and orange frequently.

The computer graphics used for the new handheld technology, holographic billboards, and the like, makes you want to grab a slice of what the people in the film were experiencing. You can just make your computer do everything for you with just the need of your voice and hand gestures.

HER is a true artistic take on the way one falls in love in the futuristic world and that with what is happening now, it is not really impossible for machines to have feelings. Watch HER and  realize these facts for yourself.

Here is my favorite part of the post where I get to say something about the ending or whether I want to change anything about it. ALTERNATE ENDINGS EVERYBODY!



1.) I guess cliches work on me in this film since it hurt me like heck, so yeah, it would've been amazing if Samantha, in real life, sort of bumped into Theodore and he recognizes her voice but then doesn't really do anything. Wait, I kind of hurt myself more with this ending.

Anyway, more movie reviews very soon! Thank you for the support all this while Misfits!

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