Thursday, May 22, 2014

LIFE OF A BLOGGER: 101 Things I Hate

Life Of A Blogger is hosted by Jessi from Novel Heartbeat where we let people know more about our lives outside of blogging so they can get to know us better!

Thank you for Novel Heartbeat for making this wonderful meme! And thank you to those who commented in the previous post! I didn't expect that! HAHA! I got to read some of yours too! Sorry if I didn't leave many comments! I promise to do better in the next ones!

Okay, so the topic for this Thursday is: 101 Things You Hate. Boy, is this easy! Let's get started!

1. SUMMER HEAT! Gawds!
2. Annoying little children throwing tantrums
3. Exaggerated confrontational shows
4. RPG games
5. Slow internet connections
8. NBC (for now.. Don 't sue me)
10. Frogs
11. Anything reptile-ish
12. Guys making advances towards girls in public places
13. PDA
14. Tattle-tales
15. Backstabbers
16. Rumors
17. Birds' eyes... They look soulless. Sorry
18. Blackouts
19. Overdue mail
20. Grammatical errors (sorry. I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi)
21. Auto-tuned music. Sorry
22. Long exams
23. Short deadlines
24. Nagging people
25. Paper cuts
26. Folds on books. I cry sometimes when these happen
27. Snails
28. Small captions
29. Coins
30. Chains
31. Tied up headphones
32. Annoying younger brothers sneaking up on me
33. Arm rests that are not cushioned
34. Sleeping next to someone. If I have to, the bed should be huge
35. Group hugs... I'm claustrophobic
36. Dark places
37. Cramped spaces
38. Places that are waaaay too high
39. Jenga. Just coz I hate losing
40. Overly-dramatized TV shows
41. Unbelievable advertisements
42. Donuts with not enough filling
43. Gwen Stacy's death
44. My poor eyesight
45. My dysfunctional closet
46. Scary photos
47. Horror clips
48. Bad movie adaptations
49. Annoying seatmates
50. Too many favors
51. Dust
52. Cleaning
53. TV Show cancellations
54. High priced tuition fees
55. Low employment rate
56. Creaks from the floor
57. Goats
58. Taxidermy
59. Hunger tendencies
60. Binges
61. Captain America's death
62. Rude family members
63. Tight clothes
64. Ostriches. I know they are adorable. But, it's more like I'm afraid of them than I do hating.
65. Badly ended books!
66. Alarms
67. Stiletto shoes. I wear heals, but not those skinny things!
68. Exercise
69. Sweat
70. MATH!!!
71. Low grades (I brought them on me, so I hate myself*
73. Excessively huge billboards
74. Playing sports
75. Sweaty feet
76. Bad cell reception
77. Mocha cakes
78. Penguin from Batman
79. Rabbits... I hate them sometimes
80. Rubber bands that stick to your hair sometimes when you try to pull it out. So annoying!
81. Big hats
82. Paper bags that easily rip off
84. Flirty girls
85. Monthly periods! SPARE ME!
86. Prickly sweaters
87. Sermons from Dad... I still love you Dad
88. Smoking
89. Drinking alcoholic beverages
90. Clubbing
91. Vegetables
93. The Wicked Witch of The East (reference on Wicked. I just hate her)
94. Short shorts
95. Earthquakes, though I barely feel them
96. Spicy food!!! WATAAAH!
97. Sharks
98. Rude little girls
99. Going down the stairs from my room to open the door if someone is around
100. Popsicle sticks... coz they are just sticks after that
101.Under the bed

I didn't think that it was possible but I could've sworn that I have more hateful things to say, or maybe those are mostly people now. Anyway that's pretty much how I work, so at least now you know some of the things I love and some of the things I hate.

Next week, I'll be talking about mah siblings. Oh gawds! They won't be happy about this! HAHAHA! Well, keep awesome MISFITS! <3

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