Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chocolates, First Loves and Book Crushes (A February Book Blog Event)

Hey there Misfit booknerds!!! It's that month again where we all see couples hugging and kissing it out, climbing up to bed and binge watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn, salted by tears and promises that nobody intends to keep. That's right! It's the apocalypse. No! I mean, it's February!

I love February. There's free chocolate samples in the supermarket, flowers go on sale after Valentines Day and there's an extra day this year so Hallelujah? Anyway, I love it for some strange reason so I decided to invite some amazing debut authors of 2016 to be a part of my randomly planned February Book Blog Event!

Funny enough, I called it "Chocolates, First Loves and Book Crushes" coz why not? Other than that, I think I'm just not really good at the titles thing. LOL. But seriously, I asked the authors to answer questions that I've prepared, all the same but each of them gets to tell fantastic stories about Valentine's day, love, their book characters and more!

Here are the list of the participating authors and their schedules. Please do note that I will post the interviews every Friday and Saturday! SO HOORAAAAY!!!

February 5th: Laurie Flynn (Firsts)-----Read the interview here
February 6th: Melissa Gorzelanczyk (Arrows)-----Read the interview here

February 12th: Elise Kova (Air Awakens, Fire Falling, Earth's End)-----Read the interview here
February 13th: Shannon Parker (The Girl Who Fell)-----Read the interview here

February 19th: Brittany Cavallaro (A Study in Charlotte)
February 20th: Ami Allen-Vath (Liars and Losers Like Us)
February 21st: Dana Elmendorf (South of Sunshine)

February 26th: Brooks Benjamin (My Seventh-Grade Life In Tights)
February 27th: Melanie Conklin (Counting Thyme)
February 28th: Laura Tims (Please Don't Tell)

Elise Kova has already debuted in 2015 but I still loved the idea of including her in this lineup because Earth's End is going to be released soon! And she's quite approachable. Also, this doesn't only include YA book authors but there'll be middle grade authors too, whose books I am too excited for! Their answers are simply adorable *heart eyes*

If in any case some of the other authors I contacted end up replying, then there'll most likely be a shift in schedule or more dates will be included. But yeah, this whole thing will run for the rest of February! Thanks again to the lovely 2016 authors! Look forward to each of their interviews in the coming days!

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