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Ten Songs I Wish Were Books (COZ YES PLS)

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Hey there everyone! I'm back! Just when I thought I was hitting the homerun and running to every base, the center fielder catches it and I've been tagged and OUT goes the umpire. Sad. I really hope you got the baseball reference coz that took forever to think about. Or at least 30 seconds of brain processing. I seriously need a life. Anyway, this week on Top Ten Tuesday, I'm gonna be talking about songs that I wish were books. And if you know me, I'M AN AUDIOPHILE and a music obsessed meerkat, I mean human. So I'm pretty much into this topic this week! Here we go!

1. Heaven by Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who

THIS SONG! It's an absolute masterpiece. It has the most beautiful message.

"Without losing a piece of me, how do we get to heaven?
Without changing a part of me, how do we get to heaven....
So if I'm losing a piece of me, maybe I don't want heaven."

In Troye's explanation for this song, he talks about being gay and that with the conventional and traditional beliefs of most people, that gays and the other members of the LGBTQIA community will not get into heaven. It's a strong message about loving who you love and not worrying about what happens. And it's super scary just thinking about it. But maybe we don't want heaven in the end if we lose our identity or the ability to love who we're meant to love. I JUST FREAKIN' ADORE THIS SONG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!

2. Everytime by BROODS

I just love this song is so angsty and I feel like angsty books are not that many. I mean, this feels more like it'd fit in a contemporary setting if it were a book. With lyrics like,

"You told me you could change your ways
You collect in strides but you look away
You promised me you could make it better
You told me you won't be the same
But your eyes stay shut when I scream, fall faint
I only wanted to make it better
Make it better
Make you better"

It's a person saying, "I've had enough of your bullshit but I really wanted everything to work out but I'm so done with you." I think novels should be more realistic with relationships, not working out or if it's toxic or whatever but I'd like to main character to come out of a relationship and maybe have some sort of hopeful future... Kinda like (500) Days of Summer. I'm quite bitter with happy endings when really they don't seem that happy.

3. Voodoo Doll by 5 Seconds of Summer

I love 5SOS! Before I didn't really like them but 2 years ago, I became a convert and became quite addicted to their brand of pop rock/punk. And they are super adorable too. Voodoo Doll is a fun song and has really adorable lyrics.

"I don't even like you
Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?
And I don't understand what's up
And I keep saying things I never say"

This would be a really fun novel. Like, a guy thinks that a girl is using voodoo on him when he's actually just really falling for the girl. Okay. I just thought of an adorable story concept. Okay, let me take a 5 minute break. *pulls out journal*

4. Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

*comes back from journal writing* Oh hello there! I'm back! Okay, this next song is a Japanese song but it's absolutely beautiful! It has the most amazing, heart crushing lyrics, once translated for you guys to understand. This song is from the anime Tokyo Ghoul, which I ridiculously love. 

"In this shaken, twisted world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen.
Please don't bother looking for me; don't stare at me..
I merely don't want to hurt you, inside a world, that came out of someone's imagination.
So please remember me; as vivid as I was."

This concept isn't entirely new in novels and this song is somehow reflective of the theme of the manga, light novel and the anime, however there  are so many ways in order to actually look at the song and the lyrics and play with it as a novel about a young man or woman who can't run away from becoming something he or she doesn't want to be and comes into terms with it and enjoying it in the mos dangerous way. I feel the need to pull out my journal again. Please do listen to some amazing Japanese music and search the translation of the lyrics coz there are actual gems in there! Especially if you're a fan of anime! 

There'll be other Japanese songs here I'm afraid.

5.  All I Ask by Adele

This is one of my favorite songs from 25 by Adele. I was so happy that she came back. Like, I cried when I heard the teaser from Hello. She's an absolute QUEEN! But All I Ask is one of those songs that somehow made my heart hurt very much.

"All I ask is
If this is my last night with you
Hold me like I'm more than just a friend
Give me a memory I can use
Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends
'Cause what if I never love again?"

I just want this to be a book because it feels more like a cry for love than love happening in an instant, a desperation for some form of affection and it's sad and unusual and just a perfect angle to use for a story. OMG.

6. heartsigh by PURITY RING

I'm obsessed with this duo and Megan's voice is just adorable. And I honestly just love the lyrics and playful treatment to the songs. And this song has one of the cutest lyrics and it's so sweet! I'd love for this to be a fluff novel.

"Whisper, whimper on
I won't forget to close your eyes for you
I'll sing before you lie down, down
And push your sleep along
I'll sink below the ground
Find the weeping, wailing calls you echo
And I'll build a house around you
Stir a moat until you drown, down
I'll whisk away your heart sigh and bury it in mine"

I mean, cmon! Who wouldn't want that to turn into a novel. It's just a sweet, romantic novel waiting to happen. And I'm pretty sure it's gonna be super adorable.

7. Fools by Lauren Aquilina

This song is so lovely to hear and when I heard it, I've been imagining a certain instance that it might happen to me. It's a story of friends who end up falling for each other but don't want to ruin their friendship. HELP ME SWEET BABY JESUS! GIVE THIS BOOK TO ME!

"What if we ruin it all, and we love like fools?
And all we have we lose?
And I don't want you to go but I want you so
So tell me what we choose"
"Friends, I watched us as we changed
The feelings in my headspace rearranged
I want you more than I've wanted anyone
Isn't that dangerous?"

8. Screen by Twenty One Pilots

I'm such a Twenty One Pilots trash. I love them so much and this song is one of those songs that hits hard to the heart without being too complex. It talks about broken people and how we're all putting on a screen so we can filter out every emotion and only bringing out what people want to see around us. 

"I do not know why I would go
In front of you and hide my soul
Cause you're the only one who knows it,
Yeah you're the only one who knows it

And I will hide behind my pride
Don't know why I think I can lie
Cause there's a screen on my chest
Yeah there's a screen on my chest"

9. Silhouettes by Of Monsters and Men

What I love about Of Monsters and Men is that they really know to tell a story with their music. It's not vague but has an edge of cryptic and mysterious air circling it but it doesn't dilute anything from it being interesting. Silhouettes somehow dances around a dark and eerie story of war and how one can't go back after being tainted by the horrors of it. A beautiful story that may be wrapped around the threshes and horrors of war and conflict can definitely be taken out of this.

"A thousand silhouettes
Dancing on my chest
No matter where I sleep
you are haunting me
But I'm already there
I'm already there
Where ever there is you
I will be there too"

10. Sakura Mitsutsuki (Moon In A Cherry Blossom Filled Night) by SPYAIR

Another Japanese song that has left an impact on me. I love Gintama and Gintoki's story is one that touched my heart with an intensity that I can't even imagine holding on to for a long time. This song captures it,

"Since the, since then, I was searching for the other half
Of that broken moon, so that
One day, one day, I can return by the full moon
Where cherry-blossom flowers bloom"

"The changing townscape seems to rush us
Where are you now, and what are you doing?
We have decent lives and decent happiness
But we're still chasing it"

This is a story of a man haunted by the things he has done in the past and trying to find the smallest of solace and peace in a instance. This would definitely be a great inspiration for a story on retribution and finding the way to forgive one's self.

Yay! So that's it for now! I actually have a lot of other favorite songs that I want to definitely share but I think that can be put out there for another time. Thank you for reading this post! Leave a comment below on what songs you think would make great novels or if you have any recommendations. Also leave links to your Top Ten Tuesday post for this week! I'd love to go visit! Okay, bye!

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