Thursday, February 25, 2016

In Ratings And Changing One's Mind

Hey there everyone! I hope you enjoyed a lot of what's happened on the blog this past few weeks! I'm so happy that the blog is so busy this month. I'm pretty sure I'll flop in the next coming months. WEEEE!!! Lol kidding. Anyway, a thought suddenly popped into my head for no reason as I was riding on my way home to school. How does one really rate a book, like correctly? I mean, we have rating systems and all that. Like, in a way that it feels final and you won't change your mind about it. My brain hurts.

Over the years, I have found myself quite easily pleased with books (in high school mostly) and would rate them so high that I think now that I got wrinklier and somehow the sun has given my mind some light, my love for them has, I dunno, diminished?

So, with all the talk of A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab on Twitter, my fire has been lit. I love this book sooooo much...and I didn't exactly think that it would leave such an impact on me, so much later after I've reviewed it months ago and I only realized it now. It's like suddenly, out of nowhere realizing you've been in love with your best friend and you just passed her over because well, you just didn't exactly think that you love her enough. See my issue here? I know. I gave A Darker Shade of Magic a 4 rating, which seems really fair to be honest but then I'm having this weird mind itch. (I actually just made this up. If this exists please tell them I didn't exactly patent it.)

My mind, especially recently, has been saying "ARE YOU AN ACTUAL IDIOT? A 4??? A 4??? DUDE, YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT. THE BOOK IS BETTER THAN THAT. GIVE IT A 5 FOR PETE'S SAKE! GAWD."

I think this thought has been living in my subconscious even after writing the review and of course when the fires have been aflamed, the surge of guilt and weird feelings start coming along. I actually read my review again and would have to say that the 4 is, again a fair rating and I just keep on telling myself, "It's okay, don't feel guilty. You haven't read A Gathering of Shadows yet. Pretty sure it's so great, you might give it a thousand 5's"

But going through this dilemma now, I have noticed that I may have been too hyped by some novels, like in my Goodreads account. I have now come into terms that I may have been too generous or immature to have given The Mortal Instruments Series, "5"'s even though I now think it's such an overrated story. I also now think that The Juliette Chronicles by Tahereh Mafi will always b a beautifully written trilogy, no doubt, but definitely left me a doozy with its characters which I was far too afraid to admit before or more likely, blinded by all their hotness. The same goes for the Twilight saga, which I now actually regret reading yet I gave the first book a 5...and so many other books for that matter.

It's made me realize that of course tastes change over time and that reviewing has now become a little bit more taxing. Coz later on, I'll realize that maybe I'd made the right or bad choice and it makes me feel queasy coz what if I realize it all too late? Yeah, I know. There's just way too many "realize"'s in this paragraph alone. 

This is why I'm somehow doing a purge, changing some of those ratings I've made in Goodreads that now, I feel I've made a mistake on. But the question is, is that alright? Even with bloggers? I just really hope so...or maybe it's best that I wouldn't realize anything at all.

Do leave a comment below about your thoughts on my thoughts and let's see where it will go. Also, have you ever encountered this type of dilemma before? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading. See y'all tomorrow!

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