Monday, February 22, 2016

Style Misfit: Book Covers (1st Edition)

Hi there! I was on my way home when I suddenly had a brilliant idea...(I usually get them on the ride to and from school or anywhere) I remember looking at some of Alexa of Alexa Loves Books' post for Mix and Match on the Love-A-Thon mini-challenge and thought, huh! That's really cute! I also see Heidi Heilig, author of The Girl From Everywhere, posting fashion collages and she has the most amazing fashion sense. 

So, basically, I'm putting my fashion sense into the challenge. I think I have very good taste in fashion, though I total lack in execution, I can mix and match some stuff together pretty well...I hope, Here's 5 books I've made fashion collages of.

Other than really being inspired the cover itself, I also tapped into how I kind of imagined how Violet would dress. I love lazy but well-kept and reserved looks like this one. The necklace is probably my favorite bit in this because it kind of reminds me of Violet and Finch's relationship. Someone hold me. I made myself cry.

I love how the cover is quite rocker because of the hard lines and also the black. That's why I opted for a casual/rocker street chic look. I couldn't really decide on the hair length but I opted to go for both short and long, with somehow the same kind of beach waves. What I love about this look, is that I incorporated the bracelet that kind of reminds me of an Oreo. HAHA! Sorry, I couldn't find Oreo necklaces. lol. Also, the jacket not only represents the color of black in the cover but it makes me think of the Oreo cookie, and the Nike Air Force's the cream filling. SOMEONE STOP ME! HAHAHA!

I went quite loose in this one. I wanted to choose a form fitting dress but I opted to draw inspiration from the color palette instead on Aelin's wardrobe directly. I love this look. If I were to wear this, I think I'd actually feel pretty badass. I love the boots. They are Saint Laurent boots, which I think I will never afford in my lifetime lol. Also the accessories are definitely what brings personality on this. The cuff piercings that are representative of swords are my favorite because it somehow shows how amazingly badass Aelin is. The necklace represents the arrow in the cover.

The fact that I found those pair of sneakers while searching was genius! It's really in the same color grid as the cover. I love this look. It's super badass and really chill. I definitely would dress up like this. Although I have not read Blackhearts yet, I know it's like a pre-pirate concept. But still. LOOK AT THIS PRETTY COLLAGE!

Is there a way for me not to love this as much as I am loving it now? When I was searching for stuff to put in, it was kinda like I had to search for black.. That's important. I was looking for a modern depiction of LILA'S (who is my wife) outfit in the cover. And I came up with this collage. Those dagger earrings are darling. And since there's a tinge of red in Lila's lips, definitely NARS! I love this outfit and could definitely wear it...minus the coat coz we never really get snowy weather. Ang grunge bobs! I will get bangs on my hair if I have to to attain that adorable look! UGH!

Leave a comment below if you find these fashion collages pretty or need some help or if you have any book cover suggestions so I can do more! I actually enjoyed doing them! Might make some more. And with men's clothing too! Thanks for reading, misfit booknerds! I'll see you on the next post! Bye!

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