Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tunes Pod: SCANDAL, SPYAIR, Goose house

Hi there, Misfit booknerds! This month, I went into quite the rampage... a Japanese rampage. As someone who has been drowned in anime since 3 years old, Japanese songs are not new territory to me. I remember very much when I use to sing to Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth songs on the telly. And it was such a beautiful childhood.

Anyway, I grew to love so many bands and artists from Japan because of this. And even though I know only a little bit of Japanese still, I find myself always drawn to them and the emotions that are drawn out of each song. Well, there's also the internet to help me get some translations but we'll talk about that another time. Here are the bands I have been obsessively listening to from last month up to now!

I adore SCANDAL soooooo much! I've been listening to them since 2010. I first heard them on Bleach and fell in love with Shoujo S but it was Shunkan Sentimental from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood that totally lead me into the heaven that is SCANDAL. From then on I became a huge fan! I've listened to all their tracks. Unfortunately though, I only got to rekindle my love and listen to more tracks till last year. But the love never faded away and it just grew stronger! My favorite album is definite Scandal Show but I adore their most recent single "SISTERS". AND I'M SO EXCITED FOR THEIR NEW ALBUM, YELLOW! It's been 2 years since their 2014 album, "Hello World" so there's soooo much hype, at least for me!

Faves: Everything on SCANDAL SHOW, Sisters, Your Song, Love in Action, Space Ranger... Basically everything SCANDAL! OMG!

I've loved SPYAIR since I first heard them on Gintama, singing Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot) and thought they have some insane skills. After that, I went crazy for them. They are just seriously good. And I can't even believe that such a gorgeous guy, with the sweetest smile on the planet, has the raspiest and rockiest voice I've heard on a rock band. I love you soooo much IKE! <3

I adored the "BEST" album because it had all the amazing songs from the earlier albums compiled together. But I also loooove their new album "4" after a long break and touring they had. So much love for SPYAIR.

Faves: Everything on the BEST album, Rockin' Out, I'm A Believer, Departure, Crazy, Fire Starter

This amazing band of cute bubble gum pop/ sad music has ruled my drives to school because they are just so adorable and their music lifts up my spirits... Well, except for some of those sad songs coz damn, HIKARU NARA is a killer. I discovered these guys from watching Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso and that anime broke me to a million pieces. I recommend that! And they are just amazing and a bunch of grateful and humble people too! So definitely go and search Goose house on Youtube! They upload a lot, so there'll be covers and new material that you'll be enjoying.

Faves: Hikaru Nara, Koi Suru Merry Go Round, Pop Up, Sing 2015, Domino Effect, Sedan Girl

Okay! So there! Some amazing choices in my part! But what about you? Do you listen to music that isn't necessarily in English or your native language and enjoy it? Leave a comment below and let's talk about them. I love seeing your comments and starting conversations so... yeah! Till next month's Tunes Pod!

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