Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Blog Crashers: An Open Blog Month Thing

Oh hello! It's me again, Jayvee. Of course, duh. Oh why am I such a creep? *smh* Anyway, people of the blogsphere, I'm doing another event. I know, I know. Am I not getting tired of doing events? Actually, kind of. And that's why, I'm getting y'all to crash my blog. HAHAHA! So I can chill. Just kidding. No, I mean, I'm using this as a chance to know more bloggers and also to get more audiences for bloggers if they need help... or they just really want to crash my blog because they love me. WEEEE!!!

Basically, you can go and write anything for the blog. Or if you want to be interviewed or do something you want. I am at your service...I mean my blog is. So here's a form for you to go and fill up if you want to sign up.

I'd really love for you guys to crash my blog because it seems like a really fun thing to be honest! Again, you can sign up for either the interview or a guest post. I guess with the guest post, it'll be best to make it book themed? But again, you can go and talk about style, photography, poetry, short stories and more.  Leave a comment below if you have anymore questions or go and tweet me @jayvwrites27 on Twitter. I'd love to talk to you guys about it. WEEEEEE!!!!

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