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Hi there! It's the final challenge for Love-A-Thon! *raises flags of surrender but someone catches them on fire* Well, I guess, it is the final stretch, so why not! Again don't forget to go to Twitter and use the hashtag #LoveAThon to check out the posts and interact with bloggers and readers. You can also refer to Hazel of Stay Bookish's kick-off post for a list of all the participating bloggers in the event.  This event is hosted by Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Mel of The Daily Prophecy and Cee of The Novel Hermit.

So the prompt for this challenge is:

- It’s time for a tea break! In this post, you’ll share which fictional character, book blogger OR BookTuber OR Bookstagrammer, and author you’d want to have a tea party with and why. Feel free to go above and beyond by including more details about your dream tea party!

After an hour of waiting, Hermione Granger comes into the door. Her locks are shorter, falling to her shoulders and has become tamer in the recent years that I have met her. We've only had brief encounters but we talked a lot over the phone. A few months ago, we started going out for tea and pastries. As someone who doesn't really like tea, Hermione suggested to me that she use a spell to make the tea bearable. And I've been having tea with her ever since.

Jayvee: "How was your trip here?"
Hermione: "It was fine. I used a portkey near the school to get here instead of flying off in a broom. Anyway, what do you have for me?"
J: "Well, I have some English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose, Mint..." I said this to her while showing the boxes of tea. 
H: "Wow, you even have hibiscus, and of course black. You certainly shopped today, didn't you?"
J: "Well, I wanted you to have a good time! OH! And I also bought some pound cake and creme brulee."
H: "Aren't you perfect?"

We sat in the comfortable chairs in my living room, having a bit of a chat before diving into the tea that has been steeping for sometime.

J: "Now, you shall cast a spell on my tea cup."
H: "Oh, you baby." She waves her wand and shouts a food related charm that I couldn't understand. I see the tea leaves swirl for a little while and began to settle after a couple of seconds.
J: "Thanks"

For a while, we talk about her part-time work at Hogwarts and how they are trying to restore everything back to its former glory. 

H: "Ron and I visit Harry and Ginny with the kids during the summer or meet-up with them when the new term starts. We hang out when we find time after classes or in the Ministry, grab some food."
J: "So, no actual adventures, like before?"
H: "Well, there are still some dangers. But we are more careful about these things. Also, I'm not a big fan of Ron trying to be all heroed up again."
J: "He's so sweet though."
H: "He is."

We grab some pound cake and slowly bite into them.

H: "How about you? What's going on with you?"
J: "Uhhhh, well. I have a blog."
H: "The one you talked about before?"
J: "Yeah."
H: "How's that working out for you?"
J: "It's going pretty great. I love every single bit of it. I mean, for now. I'm actually doing this thing called Love-A-Thon and it's super fun. We have a chat and stuff on Twitter and we post things on the blog. I get to talk and have new friends. It's great."
H: "Well, I'm glad you're having fun. Also, seriously. I never get that Twitter stuff."

Hermione left after a few more sips of tea and then used some floo powder to leave. A few moments later:

HAHAHA! You guys! This is of course, just all pretend. LOL! I did have fun imagining having a tea party with Hermione Granger. Ahhhh glorious! Do go to the other posts with this challenge or the other challenges. I had fun this year on Love-A-Thon and till next year again, with all these challenges :)

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