Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Anatomy of An OTP or SHIP

Hi there Misfit booknerds! Have you been enjoying Chocolates, First Loves and Book Crushes? If you have exactly no idea what I'm talking about then fret not for I am a sweet, innocent host that will link you to the event, because I care. But more than that, the event has introduced me to a number of authors with books and characters that have interesting pairings, relationships, etc. 

We've always been curious about what makes a pairing in books so special. What gives that initial spark and what draws us to wave the flags of our ships till the inevitable drowning of it coz it sunk deep into the ocean abyss and also the successful ones...which matters too of course. *remembers all the sunken ships she's supported all this time*

As much as we hate to admit it, a One True Pairing or OTP as we like to call it in fangirl language, which is a thing, I swear to the heavens, can be a bit of a doozy, especially in a book series. Sometimes we ship a pairing soooo freaking hard that we call them our "OTP" but then the author decides to kill that ship and pair the girl or the guy with another character and "WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME OH MY GOD"?

It hurts. So no matter if it's canon or not, an OTP can literally save lives...or ruin them forever. So what actually makes an OTP, OTP?

1. That instant connection

First off, your OTP has gotta have connection or else it's a blargh. What is even the point if they don't have that? It could be a sexual connection or a physical attraction or a share in personalities and interests . As a reader, you end up submerged into a conversation between two characters and be like, "I SHIP THEM. THEY ARE PERFECT." Been there, done that.

2. You have the urge to protect them even though they are fictional

When you see these two characters together, even just talking, the maternal urge to protect them from any sort of harm flows through you and if anything happens to them, you want nothing more than to shout at the book and wish to the book gods that he..or she could send you inside the book and be their deity or something. DON'T. TOUCH. MY. SHIP.

3. They care for each other, through thick and thin

A sign of a great OTP, is when the two characters are there for each other no matter what. May it be in times of joyous celebration or in trials, an OTP never fails to support each other and be there for one another and it's the most beautiful thing in the world, I'M GONNA CRY.

4. In cases in which they are of different sides, you still think they are meant for each other

Now, the two characters can't always be in the good/light/right side, right? One can be filled with rage and distraught and still you ship them with the good character because you feel that they will change that person for the better and the thought just brings tears to your eyes.

5. If it's OTP worthy, then the discussion's over

Now, now. I get it, there's always that "REAL" One True Pairing thing going on and at times it's hard to compete against that but at the same time, when you meet two characters who have that "instant connection" that I'm talking about, even when they are not meant to be an OTP, you still ship them and you still wave your flag for them and you proudly say, "I DO NOT REGRET A THING." Looking at you, Juliet and Kenji.

6. When the OTP shows signs of becoming real, you cry a mystical rainbow river

There's nothing more beautiful than your OTP being canon. It's the most pleasant, fulfilling feeling in the universe and you don't want to talk to anyone for a couple of hours. Or for some, you do and you explode all your feels on Twitter or Facebook and AHHHH!!! MY SHIP HAS SAILED!!! HOOOORAAAAH!!!

7. And if it's not real, just go down with it strong

Nothing is more painful than your ship sinking... If being canon is the most fulfilling feeling in the universe, if your ship or OTP goes down and sinks into the dark abyss of nothingness, then it's like you've been stabbed by a thousand knives, been put towards the depths of scalding water and then offered a free funeral service by the devil. At least to me, that's how it works. It just hurts so much but in the end, they are still your OTP and no matter how much pain it gives you, nothing will make you waver because to you, they are what makes you believe that the world is a worthy place to live in. That's what's an OTP is all about.

PHEW. That was some intense fangirling, huh? I'm really not sure if you can call this "ANATOMY", but I did enjoy rambling and writing it! What makes an OTP for you? Do you relate to my indications or are there's more to it? Leave a comment below and let's discuss your OTPs! :)

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